Nothing to say...

It’s hard for me to think of something to write this week. I could talk about how when relationships end you need to focus on the positive and keep putting yourself first. I could talk about how I emotionally ate a lot of peanut butter pie Friday night while talking to my mom on the phone and feel like a bad dietitian because of it. I could talk about being kind to yourself when things aren’t going your way.

But, I don’t feel like it. My mind almost feels blank...and maybe that’s to help me get by. Maybe it’s my body’s way of knowing that thinking too much is not what would be best for me especially right now.


Rather than try to say something profound and inspire others to be or do the same in moments of sadness or distress I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. Social media may make it seem like everyone has it together all the time even after a relationship ends or you don’t get the job you wanted or whatever. But I’d bet people are putting those messages and those pictures out there to make it seem like they’re okay when they’re not. Heck, I did that on Saturday when all I wanted to do was watch Grey’s Anatomy in my bed with the curtains closed. But I wanted to appear stronger than that. Fake it till you make it, am I right?


Despite seeming all happy and strong on social media, I wasn’t. I cried to my mom and dad on the phone before eating all the food in a state of numbness. I stayed in bed for 12 hours, but never actually felt rested or like I slept because my mind wouldn’t shut off. I went to a birthday party at a bar and felt like I was in my own little bubble, incapable of socializing (but I did have fun, Christine!).  

This is NORMAL. The people who seem like they have it together likely don’t. But who wants to put that on social media? And so we all get caught in the trap made to make us feel insuperior and weak when in reality this is real life. So let yourself stay in your sweats all day and eat all the food. Wallowing is okay as long as you give yourself an end point. Come tomorrow I’m back at my goals. Working hard at my job, planning my trip to Africa, and getting stronger and eventually dating again. But for’s okay for me to be sad.



On Friday I was asked if I still enjoy blogging and it got me thinking about happiness. What makes me happy and how I look at happiness. Because why would I want to do something or be with people who do anything other than bring me happiness?


Growing into my own space in a new city has been challenging to say the least. I’ve had to find things in the city that bring me happiness when I lived the last 7 years in the mountains. Sure I miss the nature, the breweries (you can only relate if you’ve been to Northern Vermont), the farms, the FOOD, my friends/Vermont family and so much more. BUT, in the city I have grown to love the skyline, the proximity of my family, my job, my patients, the abundance of opportunities, the cultural flair, and the diversity of food options. There’s also the ease of everything. I mean I literally have four different food delivery apps on my phone and am constantly trying to decide between Uber or Lyft…such a city girl these days. It’s different for sure, but I have found different things that bring me happiness and comfort compared to rural Vermont.

To top off being in a new city, I’m also in a new place in my life. I have a few friends from college here and have made new friends through work and other avenues, and I’ve even been dating! I’ve gotten better about keeping people around who truly make me happy and cherish my company and my friendship. But I also know I can’t rely on other people to make me happy.

Therefore, what I am actively working on is finding hobbies and things that bring me happiness that I can fill my time with. I was in school for seven years. All my outside-of-class time was spent doing homework, trying to cook or clean, and working to pay the bills. I’m new to having time to actually nap, binge watch Good Girls on Netflix, or just feel bored without feeling guilty. It can be uncomfortable and can lead to way too much thinking, but I’m getting better at it. Slowly but surely I am finding things that bring me pure happiness, things I wake up wanting to do. Although it’s hardly ever something to write home about, it’s things that put a smile on my face.

It’s a Turnstyle class on Saturday mornings.


Cooking dinner for someone or trying new recipes during meal prep.


Studying for the next thing at work.




So long story short, yes, I do still enjoy blogging. And as long as it brings me happiness and I have a message to say I will keep doing it. I wouldn’t write just to write. I couldn’t. That would be relying on others to bring me happiness rather than the act itself.

Working Lunches

I have the luxury of enjoying the food from the cafeteria at work because I work in the nutrition department. It’s a definite perk. Most days I bring my own breakfast because I’m an oatmeal snob but I usually get lunch! 

In order to feel satisfied my lunch must have protein, a grain, and all the vegetables.  



Chickpea stew with chicken and roasted Brussels sprouts.  


My usual salad topped with chicken, quinoa, and roasted vegetables. 


Hummus and roasted vegetable wrap with chicken. 


My savory oatmeal with quinoa, roasted vegetables and green beans. 


Spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and pork. 


Fish tacos. 


Eating lunch at work saves me time and should save me more money but I enjoy food too much and grocery shop all too frequently. Nonetheless it’s delicious and truly a treat. I also can tell my patients that I eat the same food as them. 

YOU are...

You are enough.


You are smart.


You are appreciated.


You are strong.


You are noticed.


You are beautiful. Inside and out.


Some friendly reminders in case you’re in the same boat and having an off week. It’s often harder than it sounds to turn your thoughts positive when you feel like you’re in a downward spiral. But just one positive thought can start the upward spiral. Jot down a positive affirmation on a post it and stick it on your mirror, desktop, fridge, phone, wherever you will see it. Set a reminder on your phone. Whatever you need.  You’re enough. 

Registered Dietitian Day

Happy Registered Dietitian Day to all my fellow dietitians out there! On this day I hope you all eat something delicious! On this day I want to remind you that dietitians are humans too. We enjoy food, all food, and sometimes we too struggle with our relationship with it.


In all seriousness, though, today is a day to acknowledge the hard work that we put into becoming dietitians and staying dietitians. People throw around the term nutritionist without realizing that that word is kind of like a slap in the face. And don’t get me started on people who spell dietitian with a “c”. We work hard for our title, our credentials, and our degree. Therefore, there is a day to celebrate us.

Today and every day we are proud of our knowledge and experience. We are proud of our degree and proud to share our tips for enjoying food and living life to your fullest. Couldn’t have celebrated better than with two of my best dietitian friends drinking margaritas and eating nachos and tacos!