Let it be fun

This weekend was a blast. I got to do so many of my favorite things! Unfortunately I also experienced some guilt/anxiety over the money spent, the alcohol drank, and the calorically dense foods eaten. Then my roommate gave me the best surprise advice without my even asking. 

She said, “It’s so great to see you having fun and getting out of your routine. I see you working out and cooking meals most days of the week and you deserve some fun too.” And you’re so right, Erin.

Thursday night my friend Christine came over for wine and dinner. Basically what we always do. We split a bottle of cab and I made fried rice! One of my favorite and easiest dishes!! We ended the meal with a rooftop photosesh and never stopped talking the whole time.


Friday was what I’ve been calling Country Fest but it was actually a Luke Bryan concert. We party bussed like a boss and enjoyed every second of it. My drink of choice this year was a kombucha cider mix! Light and refreshing for sure!! Although I also loved the new ciders that Connor and Amy contributed (I stole). The pear flavor was to die for. 


Naturally I drank a lot, ate all the buffalo chicken dip, missed the opening sets, ripped my pants, fell, and have so many questionable bruises. But I also sang my heart out with my friends and made new friends! And that’s a great night.


Saturday morning after some pedialyte and a ton of water I met up with Sarah for a bike ride. This was a perfect summer day. We rode along the Charles towards Harvard Square while we talked about our dating lives, work, and everything in between. Then we grabbed coffee and reviewed each other’s dating profiles (haha I love it!). I love that Sarah lives in the states now, Africa was too far away.

That night I had a date at Trillium on the greenway. I love the new set up! It’s so fun for a date spot and the beer is insane! I tried the Wild Trillium which was kind of like a sour brewed with watermelon and mint! So refreshing!! I also oddly love first dates and it was the perfect night to be out and about in the city!


So despite the dent in my bank account and the bloating from the alcohol and quantity of food I’m a happy girl. And even with those things I feel pretty privileged that my friends are close by and I have access to so many fun experiences!! Cheers to summer in Boston!


Hit me like a wave

Maia and Joe’s wedding was perfect. The sun held out for the ceremony. There was a balance between laughter and tears (on my part at least).  The food was delicious. The dancing was epic. And everything and everyone was beautiful. Especially the bride and groom.


And for one of the first times in a long while, I felt beautiful and confident. As women we grow up thinking that there is always someone better to be or something better to do. And we believe those internal or external messages instead of taking a step back and looking at how great we really are. 

This weekend was a college reunion of sorts. I met Maia in my “victory lap” or second senior year. She helped me through a very tough transition that year without my sister around, first heartbreaks, graduate school, and many insecurities (around body image, dating, getting into grad school, getting a job, you name it and I was insecure about it). One of the speeches mentioned Maia asthe mother of her group of friends and I can vouch for that. Maia always had my back through those tough years and I couldn’t have gotten through them and grown without her.


Sure this weekend was a little tough being as I was one of the only single ones my age at the wedding. But you know what? I felt confident and secure in who I am. The realization came crashing into me as I walked around outside the reception tent admiring the views, sipping my red wine (duh), and enjoying the company of myself. I didn’t feel the need to be surrounded by people to feel important or the need to talk to certain people to show face or make other people jealous. Instead, I found myself talking to many people whom I haven’t really met before or whom I know but not too well. I walked tall and proud feeling comfortable in my skin. I danced like I’ve never danced before and didn’t care how I looked because I was having fun.  

Sometimes it takes going back to a place or a group of people to make you realize how much you’ve changed. For me, that was Vermont and the group of people I hung out with through grad school. I used to be an insecure country girl with an uncertain future. These days I’m a clinical dietitian in a job that I can’t imagine leaving and in a city full of adventures and new experiences. I miss those mountains, don’t get me wrong. And my friends. But we’ve all grown up and become our own best versions of ourselves. And, truthfully, I really like who I’ve become.  


Back in Vermont

I love Vermont. The fresh air. The green. The mountains. The people. The beer. The food. Did I say the people?! 

I grew up in Vermont. I found out who I am as an individual and what I want to do with my life. And I found friends who supported that version of me. For that reason I will always love Vermont.

I arrived Friday evening in my heinous rental car, it’s seriously so ugly but it got me from point A to point B. Luckily driving on the right hand side of the road came back relatively easily.  


After unpacking (it helps me unwind and feel at ease), I explored a bit while looking for dinner. I stumbled upon The Foundry Pub and Grille. I sat at the bar and updated some people on my travels via text while sipping on a Fiddlehead IPA. One of my favorites. For dinner I didn’t really want vegetables since I had a large salad for lunch so I went with the tagliatelle pasta with Vermont sausage, peas, and ricotta. It was very ricotta-y. I ate about half before filling up because it was so dense.  


After dinner I joined the wedding party for some drinks. I still couldn’t believe they were getting married! Not because they aren’t perfect together (because they are) but because it’s my first college friend getting married! And by the time you read this it has officially happened!


Around 8pm we headed back to where the wedding party is staying for a gathering of sorts. It was basically a reunion for me. All my friends in one place with the best beer EVER made for one pretty happy girl. The only thing missing was Maia because she and her bridal party were staying at a different location.  

I spent the night catching up with friends and playing with Nolan’s puppy who is 4 months old and the cutest thing ever. I love puppies at that age. He was literally the life of the party.


Unfortunately, I got iced for the first time ever thanks to Joey. Sorry Maia, I definitely touched his butt on his last night as a single man...and found the Smirnoff in his back pocket. Let’s just say Smirnoff ices are the most terrible tasting alcohol ever. For dietitians out there it tasted like tang and I immediately thought of Juven, but had no one who would understand my joke! laughed to myself...

Quick caveat for my Vermont beer fans out there. If you’re going to Brewfest make sure to stop by Foam on the waterfront after because it’s honestly the best beer around. I tried convincing them to ship to Massachusetts Friday night to no avail...yet. I usually go for their IPAs or DIPAs but that night I tried a blueberry sour and it was life changing. Seriously so good.

A bunch of Fiddleheads, a Smirnoff ice, and a sour beer later and this girl needed to put herself to bed. So I jogged back to the hotel (picture Phoebe on friends running), ate my leftover pasta, and put myself to bed in my king size bed. Feeling so grateful.  I mean look at that view. 


Posto Review

Posto is a restaurant in Davis Square in Somerville. Friday night I had a date and was lucky enough to visit this new-to-me restaurant. 

Right when my Uber driver dropped me off I was impressed. I loved the vibe. The floor to ceiling wine bar with the library-esque ladder to reach the bottles at the top was right up my alley. (This feature should definitely be a part of the Winebrary on Single Parents.) To the right is the wood-fired oven where they cook all the pizzas on the menu to perfection. I sat by the window, which normally I’d love, but the sun was coming right in at that time of day. Luckily it didn’t bother us for too long.

The drink menu is not too expansive, which I appreciate. You can decide on an interesting cocktail, beer, or wine. Seeing as I walked by the wine wall on the way in I knew I was going with wine. On a warmer evening I went for something chilled, a full-bodied rose. My only suggestion for almost all restaurants is to have an oaked chardonnay for us wine-lovers who prefer that buttery flavor over something floral and fruity. All in all, I like when restaurants stick to a handful of various drinks. It shows me that they know what they’re doing and only pick the best of the best. After all, the drinks are there to compliment the food, not distract you.

The menu is very simple as well, which I also LOVE. Restaurants that try to do everything overwhelm me and I am automatically suspicious. Posto focuses on pasta, pizza, and protein-based entrees (think fish, chicken, or meat). Each dish sounds so incredibly unique (and delicious) that you can likely go back multiple times, as my date admitted to doing, to try various entrees. I went with the gnocchi with braised beef short ribs and it did not disappoint. The portion of gnocchi was perfect. Has anyone ever eaten too much gnocchi and felt like they might explode? Just me? Well it ruins the entire experience. The flavor of this dish was what won me over. The braised beef flaked apart in the red wine sauce. Delicious.


For my appetizer I went with the beet salad, an interesting take on a salad. As someone who eats a salad for lunch almost every day, I truly appreciate a salad without greens. This salad was yellow and red beets with goat cheese and olive oil croutons. While I was nervous eating this dish while wearing white, I also had a hard time not licking the plate. Not only was the flavor incredible and fresh, but the aesthetic appeal was well-thought out. Round yellow beets with smaller squares of red beets and dollops of goat cheese.


It’s not always about the food when I go out to eat, it’s about the experience. Our waiter was patient, when my date and I had taken far too long to look at the menu and was available for questions. The tables were spaced out far enough that you didn’t feel like you were right on top of the people next to you. I felt like I could sit at that table and talk/eat for however long I wanted to, nobody rushed us and nothing made us want to leave.

Food rating: 5 out of 5

Ambiance rating: 5 out of 5

Date-night appropriate: heck yes

Price: Save for a special occasion or a date

Next time I’m going for a pizza because there is nothing better than wood fired! I also appreciate when pizzas are separated into white and red sauces. For they people who know me, you know I would go for the mushroom pizza without thinking twice, but the risotto pizza sounds so intriguing.


How to Crush the Weekend

Step 1: Start off with a date Friday night after work. Doll yourself up and walk into it with confidence. Drink wine and eat delicious food.


Step 2: Enjoy a spontaneous brunch with your sister and her boyfriend who took the Amtrak in for the Red Sox game. Invite new friends (Olivia) and have old friends come say hi (Christine).


Step 3: Watch the Red Sox with your Vermont family and drink Massachusetts beer...still miss my Vermont IPAs. 


Step 4: Watch Chernobyl with your roommate and go to bed by 9pm.

Step 5: Wake up Sunday to race a 5k and absolutely crush it only to have some rough abdominal discomfort...guess waffles won’t be a new pre-run food.


Step 6: Nap like a boss who hasn’t gotten her 12 hours of sleep this weekend.

Step 7: Make dinner with your best friend from childhood visiting from San Francisco.


It was a week featuring a lot of food and alcohol but it was all delicious and in good fun. Going into the week smiling.