I am a Registered Dietitian. Everything written on this blog is my personal opinion and knowledge unless otherwise cited. It is not meant to be taken as medical advice for I am not qualified to provide that. Please meet with a doctor for medical advice or a Registered Dietitian for more personalized nutrition advice.


My passion for food and nutrition all began in Burlington, Vermont, a place full of local farmers markets, CSAs, farm to table restaurants, and craft breweries.  I have since moved to Boston and while different, the food scene does not disappoint.

When I'm not out trying new restaurants, breweries, and wineries I am at home cooking. Apartment kitchens have unique challenges from the overall size, to the appliances, and so on. But I don't let that stop me. This blog started in my tiny galley kitchen of my first solo apartment. The fridge was smaller than I am (that's saying something), the oven didn't fit the smallest of cookie sheets, and you couldn't cook with friends unless you were comfortable with them. Despite those challenges I grew my creativity with cooking especially when it came to incorporating new-to-me vegetables from my CSA. Since moving to Boston I have not been quite as adventurous with cooking and have fallen into the trap of ordering out and eating out quite often but luckily this is another hobby of mine.


In December of 2016 I finished my dietetic internship throughout the state of Vermont and graduated with my masters the following May. In June I started my first job as a clinical dietitian working in a rehab hospital. Here I help patients lose weight, gain weight, heal, and enjoy food again. Every day is different and every day my patients remind me why I love this profession.

This blog is not just food and nutrition, it’s life and the ups and downs that come with it. I’m open and honest and hope you stay for the ride!

Random facts about me:

  • I’m a twin. She's my other half even though she never calls me back.

  • I can't go a day without peanut butter. It's either mixed into oatmeal or yogurt, slathered on pancakes, waffles or toast, or eaten straight from the jar. My favorite brands are Teddies and Trader Joes.

  • My favorite fruit is blueberries...each summer I try to go picking at least once but preferable more. I usually eat them raw but won’t pass up a blueberry pie.

  • My entire family loves sweets. And wine. Definitely wine. Family gatherings are very fun.

  • I am not a vegetarian (everyone asks me that and I don't know why) but I do enjoy vegetarian meals. I prefer to cook vegetarian meals but eat all foods except for sardines, olives, and cottage cheese.

  • My sister has a puppy and I love her like my own. #dogaunt

  • My happy place is in Maine on a lake or in Burlington on a lake.

  • I have an irrational fear of running out of food so I buy way too much and constantly am eating massive amounts of fruits and vegetables to avoid throwing them out.

  • I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain and it was the best experience of my life.

  • I recently went to Scotland with my sister and I officially want to live in a castle and spend my days frolicking in the green countryside.

  • I ran a marathon a week after I graduated from graduate school. It was my first and last marathon (Julie is the runner of the family). I met my goal of sub-4 hours by a few seconds and that's good enough for me.

  • My hobbies include hiking (so hard in Boston), lifting weights, cooking, trying new restaurants/breweries/wineries, watching Netflix (does that count?), blogging, and talking to my mom and dad (I call them almost every day).