Jumping Right In

Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and join me.

Inevitably I will get asked the question: "Why did you start a blog?"

Everyday while I sip my morning coffee and eat breakfast I read food blogs. It's become a habit but also remains one of my favorite past times. In fact, a few bloggers inspired me to get into nutrition and dietetics (thank you, Kath!) Then while pursuing my graduate degree and completing my dietetic internship (that still makes me giddy to say) I grew to love reading the posts by Robyn and Kylie. Both are RDs who I admire and look up to even though we have never actually met. This is what I love about the blog world, you can easily become inspired and get to know people virtually.

Part of the reason I am starting this blog is because I want to reach people in a similar way that food bloggers have reached me over the years. I am an open person and I love sharing the recipes that I try and the experiences that I have. In addition to that, I desperately need a hobby. In December I finished my dietetic internship and while I still have one semester of graduate classes left, I have much more free time. Therefore, rather than making cookies all the time (because I love making cookies for people) or binge watching Netflix (is anyone else addicted to Gilmore Girls?) I decided I could start writing about my personal journey.

The journey that I will talk about here is not going to be perfect, but that's okay. I will talk about a lot of different things that are relevant and of interest, but some days I will just talk about good food or a recent trip that I went on that I just want to share. In addition to discussing my love of food and my desire to eat more intuitively (like how I threw that in there?) I am also about to start training for my first ever marathon. Let me advise you that the next few months of training will be full of sweat and tears. I am not lying, I am an emotional person who cries a lot...

bog running.jpg


That being said, I hope you want to take this journey with me and that you look forward to my thoughts (and sometimes rambles). I haven't yet decided what the posting frequency will look like, but for a graduate student with no real schedule it will probably be spontaneous to say the least. Enjoy!

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