A Day in the Life

I truly value my weekdays off (which happen when I work on the weekend). I feel more rested and rejuvenated compared to weekends because fewer people are around and less things are going on. Anyway here's a look at Tuesday! 6:30am - Wake up and chug some water after drinking a little too much wine last night while watching a movie. Oops. It happens.

7:15am - Make breakfast of pumpkin peanut butter oats. My favorite!

7:30am - Drink coffee and more water while watching The Good Doctor.

8:15am - Read my book. I just started a new Nicholas Sparks book after finishing Half of a Yellow Sun. That was a great book too, but after dealing with malnutrition and looking for signs of wasting all day at work I don't necessarily want to read about it when I get home. Although I highly recommend it!

10ish - Finally put on some warm running clothes and get out the door. I ran down by BU and then turned into Brookline. It ended up being about 3.3 miles at an 8:30 average pace. I was feeling a speedy rather than a long run today. Fine by me. I ended at the grocery store even though I was just there yesterday to pick up brownie supplies.

11:00am - Shower

11:15am - Bake brownies from scratch.

These are the best brownies but also very caloric. They have 4 eggs, 2 sticks of butter, 2 ¼ cups sugar, and NO SHAME! They're so freaking good.

11:45am - Eat leftover pizza. I think I like cold pizza more than I like hot pizza...The pizza I made last night was super dense and delicious. I cut it into six slices because when I cut it into eight I always want more and then I feel guilty for having a third slice. This way I have two slices but get a little more satisfaction and NO SHAME. Whatever works, right? Served with a side of baby carrots.

12:45pm - Possibly overcook brownies and leave to go meet Christine.

1:15pm - Walk through Copley

1:30pm - Relish in the beauty of Christine's apartment and it's very convenient location.

2-3:00pm - Walk down Newbury Street to the Commons. Enjoyed the nice weather and conversation with my best friend.

3:45pm - Get back to my apartment, put on sweatpants and eat a snack. The last of my pumpkin, chocolate chip, walnut bread. Next time I should make muffins. Cutting the bread was too challenging. As you can see I wanted a little extra bite. This girl loves anything pumpkin, chocolate, and nutty.

4:05pm - Chat with Michelle a bit when she gets home from work.

4:15pm - Look up fun things to do and places to eat this weekend. And then read my book.

5:30pm - Cook dinner. Roasted red kombucha squash and cauliflower. It still isn't as good as the cauliflower at work. Served with seared steak tips topped with a cilantro peanut sauce (basically peanut butter, soy sauce, maple syrup, and cilantro). I am a sucker for this peanut sauce. Probably over did it :)

It's not pretty but it was super tasty!

6:30pm - Watch a random episode of Hart of Dixie because I have nothing to watch on Netflix currently. I do have a lot of unfinished shows though...

7:30pm - Shower and prep for tomorrow.

8:00pm - Work on some things for my mom and dad.

8:30pm - Read my book in bed. I'm hooked!

9:30pm - Lights out.