The twin is here! Or was here this weekend. I'd been waiting for it for so long. I woke up around 9am, drank coffee, and went to the gym to run two miles. She arrived around 10am and then our friend Lauren arrived via Uber. We chatted a bit before trudging across the street to start the adventure with brunch because we all know that my idea of adventures usually revolve around food. We went to Hopewell, a local restaurant that I adore because it feels like I'm back in Vermont. Luckily it wasn't crowded because we were all starving! Christine made it there too! We split a cinnamon bun to start. Holy moly the frosting was amazing!

Then for the main dish we all got the breakfast sandwich: avocado, aioli, gruyere cheese, bacon, and a fried egg on toasted country bread with a side of amazing realization that I ate a lot of potatoes that day (you'll see...)

We talked for a bit and then went to my apartment to digest and talk a bit more before heading over to the Charles. I probably took us the long way through Allston, but I like exploring new places. I really wanted to see a few races of the Head of the Charles, specifically the club 8 races.

I was surprised that the boats were so spread out, then again maybe it goes by time for the preliminaries? Anyone with insight let me know!

It was hot and I did not dress appropriately. We did find some shade, which felt great but we also didn't stay that long. We walked through Harvard Square to get to the T to head to Back Bay. I wanted to take Julie to Eataly because she studied abroad in Italy and has a love for gelato.

We weren't there for long but we did make sure to get gelato. Usually I get the pistachio (I've been a few times before) but today I branched out to the dark chocolate and caramel, almond tiramisu. So good! But then I was full again. I just can't say no, especially on a mini Christine would say "what if you didn't have to say no."

We then swung into Boston Public Library so I could show them the courtyard. It reminds me of Spain...

Next up, Trillium on the Greenway. It was a gorgeous night for it and it's only open a bit longer. We got in pretty quick and I got their Double IPA, so tasty. Michelle met us there not long after and we got some more beers to share (an IPA, a gose and Lauren's wheat beer). I got Lauren a sweet white wine.

After drinking our beer and me proclaiming one too many times that Michelle is a great roommate (she is) we decided to head to the North End for dinner. Julie was the deciding factor. I wanted seafood. The first place we walked to only had a 20 minute wait and had a great view of the skyline!

We were seated pretty quickly and ordered a bottle of wine and our main dishes. I got the Gnocchi Juliana haha, I had to with the name. It was a ton of gnocchi with scallops, lobster, and shrimp in a butter sauce. It was amazing. I would go back just for this dish. I ate sooooooo much. Like cleared my plate except for a few gnocchi. I was so stuffed that it hurt (hello Megan, potatoes expand). I felt and still feel a bit guilty but then I remember how good the food was and my poor decision making capacity after having beer and wine. And ya know what? Even if I didn't have beer or wine or it didn't taste that good it still happens and it's not something to be ashamed of. I don't eat that quantity or even that type of food everyday. And certainly my food doesn't ever taste that good! Not am I typically sitting outside on an October night with my friends in the North End. No shame. I mean look at it!

We ubered back to my apartment and crashed so hard. I remember saying goodbye to Lauren but then don't remember brushing my teeth or falling asleep. I woke up at 5am but then fell asleep until 8am. Julie slept until 9! So tired.

We changed into workout clothes and ran to the South End for a market that I've been dying to go to. The weather was gorgeous and the run gave me and Julie some time to talk and catch up.

We got to the market and I was immediately impressed. I already wish I came earlier in the season before they close for winter.

Julie and I wandered through the farmers market looking for the doughnut stand but didn't find it. So then we walked through the art section. Not there either but we did find some fantastic photography, coasters, paintings, and jewelry among other things. We were on a mission though and finally found the food trucks and beer garden. This girl was finally getting hungry. Doughnut time!! Chocolate please.

This doughnut was utter perfection. Moist, cake-like and not too dense but dense enough. Watch out, this girl has a new favorite doughnut shop.

Walking back to the market a guy made a comment along the lines of "3,000 calories in that doughnut. You're going to have to run for two hours, not worth it." Um...what? I understand he made the comment because a) we are eating doughnuts and b) we were wearing running clothes, but NO! It is comments like these that make people feel shame or guilt over eating certain foods. It is comments like these that fuel disordered eating. It is comments like these that make people define their worth based on their size and/or their eating habits. Just NO! Also, a doughnut is not 3,000 calories (it's less) and assuming you run a 10 minute mile pace, running for two hours would equate to about 12 miles or about 1200 calories (so you don't have to run for two hours). So nothing he said had merit or was accurate. I had a moment with this guy and told him the doughnut was worth it. He told me to have a nice day and I turned around and gave him a thumbs up, which I hear is the new middle finger.

Julie and I wandered the art section a bit more and stumbled on some gorgeous hand crafted jewelry. We bought matching twin rings. Note to self customer service goes a long way. The woman brought out extra rings for us to help find the perfect size since she didn't carry half sizes. I went with one that's about a size 5 ¼. We couldn't be happier with our purchase! I'm obsessed.

Christine joined us for a bit and we did more strolling before walking back towards Comm Ave. Julie and I didn't decide to run again (we covered four miles going to the market) until we were close to Fenway. There was too much to see!

We covered another two and a half miles before getting back to my apartment where Julie packed up before we bought seltzers to rehydrate. Today we covered about 19,356 steps (almost 10 miles) according to my phone including running about 6.5 miles. Yesterday we covered about 15,195 miles (almost 6 miles) according to my phone! That is not counting the two miles I ran at the gym. So this weekend I walked/ran about 18 miles! Woo!! Take that doughnut man!

I'm so grateful Julie could spend the weekend. I'm so grateful Lauren could come into the city for the day. I'm so grateful my sister and Lauren are easy going and don't mind my friends, Christine and Michelle coming along too. I'm so grateful for good food and city adventures. I'm so grateful.