Burlington Bites

Sorry it's a day late! This week has been a bit crazy. This past weekend I tried my best to enjoy as much of Vermont as possible. I also thoroughly took advantage of all that comes with a road trip. Come Monday my body was craving natural, unprocessed foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. I definitely felt bloated from the salt and beer all weekend. But I remind myself, this isn't how I eat every day and I'm with friends enjoying myself. It was definitely worth it!

Friday Christine and I stopped at the Common Man to get sandwiches. We split one hot (chicken parmesan) and one cold (chicken salad wrap). We also shared an order of fries. Everyone needs friends who will share food. Hello variety!!

We also got diet Coke for the road and it.hit.the.spot. I don't even remember the last time I had a soda. By the time we reached Christine's house we were ready to snuggle up with Grey's Anatomy, Halloween Oreos (I love Oreos) and wine.

Saturday morning I wasn't that hungry as can be expected. But I wasn't sure what my day would entail and knew I had a hot yoga class to get to. Therefore, I had two pieces of toast with almond butter. Probably could have gotten away with one but live and learn! Christine also had crunchy almond butter which I needed.

The rest of the day was spent baking, taste testing cream cheese frosting (duh), trying some of Jeanne's meals (coleslaw, Japanese sweet potatoes) and enjoying her butternut squash soup and brioche bread. This bread was ahhhhhmazing. Anything made with a stick of butter tastes amazing.

Before we knew it, it was time to go to dinner. I crossed off a place that would have been on my bucket list had I still lived in Burlington. The Great Northern. It's a gorgeous atmosphere and the menu was spot on. I got the crispy tofu over rice and roasted vegetables. I should have shared, but it was so tasty...and i couldn't stop eating it! We also had a glass of sparkly wine and I went with a new to me Zero Gravity beer. It's the Madonna, a double IPA.

After dinner was more beer! I met Maia and Joe next door at Zero Gravity where Maia and I split a flight to try some newbies. And then I got a glass of Conehead because it's love. We then headed over to Akes to play darts where I tried a hoppy Stowe cider. By the way, the girls won at darts!

Before going to RiRas I switched to water. I was exhausted. At some points I even laid my head on friends' shoulders. Old lady status! When Maia yelled pizza and home I was elated just thinking about sleep. But I also wanted pizza. Buffalo chicken and meat lovers for me please. Again I could have had one slice but live and learn. I also wanted two slices. So no biggie. I should have eaten this pizza more when I lived in Burlington (Mr. Mike's).

I woke up feeling pretty good despite the drinking and met a friend for a coffee date. Rebecca picked me up and we went to Healthy Living which had really good coffee! We chatted for about an hour before I met the gang for bagels. Egg and cheese with hot sauce on cracked wheat everything, as per usual. It wasn't as good as I remember but maybe it was because I wasn't that hungry. But when in Burlington, bagels are a must!

Christine and I hit the road mid afternoon and stopped to get snacks along the way. Our road trip home was fueled by muddy buddies which are a favorite, smart food family sized bag, Cabot cheese and apples, baby carrots, and seltzer. Christine also bought a gigantic tin of nuts which went untouched, but we had so much other food! It was a tasty and unique combination. And perfect for a road trip.

But now I'm back and continuing with my goal of eating more at home and cooking more. While I certainly buy easy to prepare foods (mostly from Trader Joe's) my body still feels more energetic when I do this than go out all the time. I just want to feel better and I think fueling my body with wholesome foods is a good way to start. One day at a time, one meal at a time.