One of my best girls from Vermont came to visit Friday night. She was flying out of Logan Saturday morning. Love when friends visit! I tried so hard to get out of work on time but alas that never happens. Maia was going to beat me home. Luckily she was 15 minutes away from my work and swung by to pick me up. I love showing people the view from the navy yard!

We talked the whole way, catching up on this that and other things. I was on cloud nine with my girl in town. We got back to my apartment and shared two Sam Adams Black Lagers. We weren't sure if we'd like them so we started off sharing. Turns out it's a pretty delicious stout!

We got to talking about intuitive eating and how some blogs, Instagram accounts and what not do not portray what intuitive eating embodies or gives a false image. Intuitive eating is about listening to your body. It's about allowing yourself to eat foods that you want but also acknowledging if your cravings are based on internal or external cues. Eating is about so much more than fuel for your body. Eating is about enjoyment too. Some days you eat because you're having a bad day and you just want a donut. Or some days a pumpkin cinnamon roll just sounds like the best snack ever. Or some days you're with friends and you eat a little too much because you're being social and the food is delicious. Other days you crave a hearty salad and fresh fruits and vegetables. Other days you want to stay in and cook up a meal from scratch. Or even sometimes you may want a cookie but realize you're stressed out and find another way to handle that stress. Eb and flow my peeps, eb and flow. It's not all donuts and ice cream. But those aren't off limits either, nothing is off limits. Just listen. Your body is pretty spectacular.


Maia and I decided to get dinner at a new to us place (basically everything is new haha) and a new to us cuisine. We chose Korean food and boy was it an experience. We had no idea what to order so we asked the waitress to help. Bibimbop with chicken and black bean paste noodles and tofu. Literally fell head over heels for the black bean paste. The only problem...we only had chopsticks...we gave it a solid effort. I actually got pretty good at twisting the noodles on the spoon. But I could never get noodles AND tofu in one bite. And my hand started to cramp. Like pretty badly. Also how do you eat rice with chopsticks...? We sheepishly asked for forks and they had to go to the back to get them. HA! Amateurs.

We finished those dishes and an app of dumplings. I loved that the food was lighter and satisfying at the same time. The flavors were also unbelievable. I left feeling sufficiently stuffed. But there was more eating on the agenda. Maia wanted to get froyo to reminisce what we used to do on our friend dates. So o suggested we walk to Coolidge Corner to go to 16 Handles. Such a good choice, but my hand is always a little heavy when it comes to froyo. So I was even more stuffed. But I wasn't about to pass up a froyo date.

Saturday morning I was craving simple food. I (of course) choose peanut butter pumpkin oatmeal. Always a fan favorite around here. There's nothing a bowl of oatmeal can't cure. It fueled me up to go to the gym to run 3 miles and do an upper body strength workout.

Lunch was also something simple and light. I had cauliflower rice stuffing from Trader Joe's (frozen) with leftover butternut squash and turkey sausage. It was so satisfying and fresh! I loved the fall flavors. I ate this while binge watching Grey's Anatomy...I started over from season one...hehe

Mom and Dad picked me up to go to New Hampshire mid afternoon. I snacked on some baby carrots in the car. Again, all I was craving was fresh, crisp vegetables. But by the time we got to the twin's I was ready for some beer/wine. I started with an IPA from a coworker and then transitioned to wine.

Three too many glasses of alcohol happens. You get caught up in the moment. This is something I want to work on. Being more present. One part of intuitive eating is acknowledging things that happen, how you feel afterwards, and learning what to do in similar situations in the future. I'm a work in progress and that's A-okay with me.

Dinner was like old pasta parties so my dad and sister could carb load. Let's be real, I carb loaded too. It could have been that my meals earlier in the day were lighter, or it was delicious, or I couldn't decipher my hunger cues because of the beer and wine, but I was hungry. I had two pieces of lasagna and a hearty serving of chicken, broccoli, ziti. I was ready for bed by 9pm.

Some days you eat more than others. Some days you crave fruits and vegetables more than pasta and carbs (gasp). Some days you drink a few extra beers or glasses of wine. Other days you cherish home cooked, simple meals. It's not about being perfect, but it's also not about going crazy and eating indulgent food all the time. And it's a constant work in progress. A constant challenge that forces you to truly stop, take a deep breath, and listen to your body.