Do you ever see someone running and feel like you should run? Do you ever see someone exercising every day on their Instagram account and feel like you should do the same? Do you ever want to go home and watch Netflix but feel like you should x because of y and z? When it comes to exercise any movement is good movement. Do you like walking? Then walk. Do you enjoy yoga? Then do yoga. Do you like boxing? Box. You do you. Move the way you like to move because then you're more likely to keep doing it.

I used to feel like I should run because Julie ran and I wanted to be skinny like Julie. I felt like I should run because my dad and sister both loved it. But then I hated running. It's taken a while but I do enjoy it again. It comes in waves, though. I don't love it every day like my sister does. I don't love it as consistently as my dad does. I like it but I enjoy a good walk, yoga or barre class too.

This past weekend my dad and my sister ran the Seacoast Half Marathon. While part of me was jealous of the runners I also wasn't. Half marathons and marathons are not possible with my schedule right now. I also crave things that I can do with other people and running is a lonely act for me.

I'm so proud of my dad for running his second half marathon! And crushing both with sub 2 hour times. I'm proud of my sister for qualifying for Boston twice. I'm proud of both of them for pushing themselves to chase their goals. For knowing what they want and going after it not knowing the outcomes. It inspires me to think of life like a race...sometimes you just have to hold on and grit your teeth before you get to the finish line. And just like races you have good ones and bad ones.

I'm so proud of them, but I don't need to be them. I'm me. So they can have this race. I love you both.

Race day (word per picture):