Post Holidays

Holidays can be a difficult time. Some people because of their families. Others because of work or other commitments. And finally because of the food. After three days of leftovers for lunch and dinner and pie x 2, I came back to my apartment ready for something less indulgent. My body was telling me what it wanted, what it needed. 

Our bodies are amazing like that, and that's why it's okay to indulge a bit on holidays. For me it's the stuffing. Stuffing is a once-a-year food for me. So I tend to go a bit heavy with the serving spoon. And after a few days my body has had it's fill. It wants something lighter, something a bit more nutrient dense.

Indulgent food tends to go hand in hand with holidays. And so does overindulging in that delicious food. If that's what happens when you're with your family and distracted or you had one too many glasses of wine and your inhibition is altered, just let it go. It happens. You aren't alone. If overindulging happens because it's food you love and you just want one more bite, one more scoop before the holiday is over or before the leftovers are gone then that is okay too. Just let it go.

But remember holidays are about so much more than the food. It's about laughing with your grammie over how inflexible you are. It's about talking recipes and cooking with your uncle. It's about going drink to drink with your mom. It's about making plans with your cousin to meet up in the city. It's about talking trail races with the twin to visit another uncle. It's about admiring the hard work your Aunt put into a quilt. It's about talking work with your dad who finally is starting to understand dietetics. It's about taking a break to cheerish your family and your life. And goodness gracious I have so much to be grateful for. And even though my body feels a bit different after two thanksgivings, too many slices of pie to count, endless leftovers, and multiple bottles of wine I don't mind. Today my body craves fruit, vegetables, water, and whole foods. No I won't be restricting carbs or dessert, but rather listening to my body. It knows how to handle holidays.