Winter is Here

This week I did a few holiday inspired thing! Since I'm working on Christmas I'm trying to fill the days leading up to it with family time and holiday cheer.

On Tuesday Michelle and I went for a run with an endpoint of Faniuel Hall. We were chilled to the bone but got to see the lighting of the tree! I'm glad I did it!

Then on Saturday my mom came into town for the Sowa Winter market. I went to one of their summer weekend markets and loved the atmosphere! It had food trucks, a farmers market and an artisan market.

Mom and I ubered on over and arrived about a half hour after opening. There was no line but it was packed. The market was in an old barn like warehouse. It was so hard to see any of the booths but we did find some nice things and tried some of the alcoholic samples. We were planning to do a loop and browse and then loop again to purchase. We got hungry when we were almost done browsing and decided to go get some food and come back.

Once we walked outside we knew that was a bad decision. The line to get in when on for blocks! Crazy. But food was a good choice and we found a heated tent to warm our toes. Mom and I shared a chicken sandwich with wasabi aioli and a chicken, walnut, honey, goat cheese and arugula sandwich. Both served on ciabatta. We also tried the crispy cauliflower. Yum! Love when placed have vegetable sides.

Before heading back to the artisan market we swung through the vintage shop. It's too bad we were walking back because there were so many cute things! I found a wine rack and an antique wild blueberry case. My mom got some ornaments for my dad to remind him of his college days! This coat reminded me of Jeanne!

Then we got in line for the market. Luckily it moved relatively quickly and this time they were monitoring how many people went in so it was less crowded! Perfect for shopping. Once the credit card came out, I had a hard time putting it back. I love markets and I love supporting local companies. I finished most of my Christmas shopping in one day and mom and I treated ourselves to some earrings! I'd show you what I got but then I would give my gifts away. One company is always at Boston Public Market and I can't wait to go there to buy stuff for myself!

After we exhausted our shopping we walked to my favorite wine bar for a drink. Barcelona will never get old for me. Lucky for us there were two spots left at the bar. We ordered 6 3-ounce pours of full bodied red wines from Spain to share. And then we talked. If there's one thing I treasure, it's being so close to my parents that I can talk openly to them either to vent or get advice. I always leave feeling better.

After Barcelona we walked through the south end to catch the train to Brookline. We planned to go to a cafe, Tatte, for a quick bite before my mom hit the road. But right next to Tatte was a cute restaurant with pretty Christmas lights in the window. It was Taberna de Horo, a tapas place on my bucket list. My mom said we should go. We ended up going from one tapas place to another, how funny. I didn't take any pictures because it was dark but we ordered croquetas, eggplant with ricotta and honey, and patatas bravas. Then we wanted some bread so we got a five cheese board with bread. It also had some honey and almonds which was also tasty with the crunchy bread.

I was sad when dinner was over because it meant my mom was heading home. I always get sad even though I feel so lucky that we can do quick day trips like this together. I couldn't get over how perfect the day was. We walked through Brookline so I could show my mom all the places I adore. It's such a cute area.

When I got home I showered and crawled into bed where I ordered some more Christmas presents so now I really am almost done!

It's Sunday morning while I type this up and I'm eating my breakfast on the train.

Traveling early to work on a Sunday is a bit nerve wracking because there are fewer people around. Trying to get used to this whole city living thing. Hope you all had a nice weekend!