Be Positive

Let's talk body comments. I'm talking about the "I'm fat" "I look gross today" "My pants don't fit" comments. While these may feel natural in our society, they aren't helping anything or anyone. I'm sure you're all familiar with the term "fake it till you make it." Well I think that works here. Even if you think you've gained some weight or your pants actually don't fit, snide remarks are not going to help you lose weight or fit into your pants again. What the comments will do is create an atmosphere of self loathing and disgust. And who wants to treat a body well that they say hateful things to? Nobody.

Instead, we should be admiring our bodies for what they're worth and what they help us do. Instead we should all try to say kind things such as "I love my strong legs" or "I'm grateful for my healthy body" or "This is the stomach that grew my children". Eventually these words will create a more loving and nurturing mindset which in turn helps to foster healthy habits.

Here are two scenarios, both of which stem from my own history/personal experience:

A: I wake up each morning and pinch my stomach thinking that I hate my body the way it is. I pull on my pants that don't fit and feel uncomfortable all day and disgusted with my body. I make comments verbally or silently while comparing my body to others around me. This leads to not wanting to workout because I don't want to be compared to other more "perfect" bodies. Or if I do workout it's a form of punishment. I don't want to cook for myself because I think why bother? Instead I seek comfort in sweets and higher calorie foods. This only leads to a never ending cycle.

B: I wake up each morning grateful that I'm healthy and able-bodied. I choose an outfit that flatters my shape and fits my size. I'm comfortable in my clothes and in my body and consequently feel good. I think of reasons why I love my body such as the legs that carry me to work and ran a marathon, the arms that hug my family. This positive feeling makes me want to nurture my body and continue to feel good. I cook nutritious foods most of the time and enjoy foods I love. I exercise to feel good and to take care of my body.

Words are powerful whether spoken or thought. Choose kind words because this is the body you were given. Bodies are meant to change. When you speak to your body with kindness you're more likely to treat it well and seek more healthful habits.

Owe my insight to Rebecca Scritchfield and her book Body Kindness.