No Plans Weekend

My goal for this weekend was to have no plans. I'm often so busy during the week that I just need to breathe and relax. Friday all I wanted was my sweatpants and wine. So I stopped at Trader Joe's to buy wine and ended up with two bottles and a popcorn tin.

My sweatpants were put on immediately upon walking through the door and I curled up under a blanket and watched Grey's Anatomy. I cooked fried rice for dinner, my favorite fake out recipe when I want take out. I also sipped on some wine. A few hours later when I was feeling a bit warm from the wine I opened some popcorn. And my world was changed. Whoever invented cheddar caramel popcorn is a genious. I couldn't stop eating it.  And then I put myself to bed at 9pm. Wild Friday night.

Saturday morning I got up and got to work on the blog. The big steps I need to take are creating a logo (done!) and buying a domain (I'll get there). I was researching tips to grow a blog and it was reassuring to read that I'm already doing a few. I created a Facebook page and a Twitter, but I need to connect them all to thpe blog. It's a process to set all of this up! But I was happy to have the time to put towards it.

Friday night I signed up for a yoga class but cancelled it Saturday morning because the last thing I wanted was to have a schedule. Instead I waited for the snow to start before going for a 4 mile run. I just went exploring, I didn't bring a watch or know how long it would be. My phone said I ran less but I don't care what ever mileage it was. I got home and made lunch before hunkering down instead while the snow came down. I love snow storm or even just snow. 

I baked some chocolate chip cookies that are subpar in my opinion. But I also made some snowball cookies (aka Russian tea cakes). Those are my favorite. Basically butter and sugar rolled into a ball. I also iced my gingerbread men. By the end my back was so sore. 

Michelle, Joe and I ventured into the snow to get dinner and go to a movie. We got pizza at Otto which I loved. The crust is so thin and the toppings so unique! We got sausage and broccoli rabe and mashed potato with bacon. And I had a great IPA from Nightshift Brewery. So crisp and tropical! We talked and I got sad thinking about Michelle moving. But I'm lucky I got a new friend who I'll definitely visit. It's crazy how things work out. 

We saw Lady Bird. It's a movie everyone can relate to. It makes you think about your adolescence and the struggle of growing up. We enjoyed popcorn and draught beer! A movie theatre with draught beer! I tried Harpoon's double IPA. A bit aggressive for me. I walked home and tucked myself into bed promptly. 

Sunday I woke up with plans to go to the gym and relax  before heading into the city. Instead all of a sudden I had plans to explore the Winter Wonderland and get pizza (more pizza). I rushed to get my chili cooking and get ready. Turns out it was a great day to just walk around the city and get pizza at Regina Pizzeria. It was good but I definitely like Otto's unique flavors. 

I got chilly after a while and walked through Boston Public market before sitting down to blog. I had a cooking class at 4pm. I've been trying to do more things I enjoy even if it means going alone. Stay tuned for that adventure!