Pasta. Pizza. Repeat.

Sunday afternoon I attended a pasta making class. I was nervous to go by myself, but it was a great experience. When people say do something everyday that scares you they're right. People at my table were great and we started chatting once we realized it was going to be a messy class! We all needed the encouragement.  The class taught you how to make the dough from scratch and then form it into many different shapes. The chef even explained how to make spinach pasta, which I definitely plan on trying! I was nervous about my dough at first, but with pasta you can't overwork it! Phew. And sometimes I'm not perfect...I'm only human.

I made tagliatelle pasta which is a bit thicker than fettuccini but thinner than linguini (if I remember correctly.) That was fun to make because the pasta maker just spits it right out!

I also made bow ties and came up with a strategy for them that the chef was impressed with. Type A personality for the win. Next time I want to make them chubbier (not as long).

Throughout the class we had a wine tasting as well. Usually I am all about trying new wines, but I had a few too many glasses of beer and wine this weekend and was feeling off. But that happens when you enjoy wine Friday night with Grey's Anatomy and go out with friends on Saturday. You just get caught up in the moment. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the tasting, heck I paid for this experience. It all definitely lived up to my expectations.

After our pasta making was finished (we didn't cook it) we enjoyed a meal prepared by the chef himself. He had made siracha flavored pasta (!) that he transformed into an amazing macaroni and cheese with sautéed kale and caramelized onions. It was so perfect. The colors. The flavor profile. Everything!

What I loved most about the class was making everything from its most raw ingredients. You start with flour and eggs and end with pasta! It's amazing. And it requires patience and finesse, right up this girl's alley. I ended up buying my own pasta maker on the train ride home because I think this will be a great stress reliever for me. I plan to make it on weekends when I have time and freeze it!

That brings me to my next point. Just because pasta is flour and eggs or because it's white dough and not wheat or because it's covered in cheese or butter doesn't make it bad for you. And just because I eat pizza twice in one weekend doesn't make me a failure. Food is enjoyment. So if making pasta from scratch is enjoyable, then do it and do it right with white flour. Food is fun and interactive. So if a date wants to take you to pizza and you ate pizza the night before, do it. And if your friends want to get pizza and beer before a movie, never say no.

Sure I feel a bit different (hello bloat) on Monday after more indulgent weekends, but I don't go out on weekdays (usually) and I know I'll cook some delicious meals during the week (yes a few will be pasta). Food is so much more than calories. And even dietitians have days where they eat two fruit and/or vegetables all day and that's including the pasta sauce on my pizza. It happens, nobody is meant to be perfect. And ya know what, this weekend was fun.