This Christmas

Christmas this year was different. And even though I spent a few days working, I was still able to see my family because I now live so much closer to home. And for that I am grateful. I got home around 5pm on Friday and mom and I got to drinking some wine. Before I knew it I was passed out on the couch...maybe at 8pm which is typical at home. Saturday when I woke up Julie was home! And there was snow! What a way to wake up. I did a little bit of yoga before my mom's side of the family came over. I love family gatherings because we talk and laugh so much. So grateful for my extended family. I ate a bit too much at dinner and was stuffed but I only get ham and scalloped potatoes so many times a year. And trifle is my favorite dessert ever. It happens. While I digested we played cards against humanity, which my uncle brought. It's a bit of an awkward game to play with your grammie...

Sunday I worked from 6-4:30. I tried so hard to make it to church on time for Mass but I ended up missing the first half. But I still made it and got to see some people whom I haven't seen in ages. That night mom made coq au vin which we enjoyed with more wine and leftover trifle. Let the food and wine keep coming. That night I fell asleep in the middle of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Monday, Christmas Day, I woke up to rain (boo). I slinked through the house as to not wake anyone which felt like straight out of the Grinch. By the time I got to work it was snowing! And for a while it came down hard resulting in a few inches. My first white Christmas! I worked from 6-2 and during that span the power went out and the heat shut off. I was frozen. But it didn't stop the holiday cheer. When I got home Julie and I finished the movie from the night before which was really cute. Then our neighbors came over for happy hour. I mixed some Mead with champagne and there was also wine (duh). Mom made a delicious roast and then we opened presents by the fire. I think opening gifts by the fire at night should be a new tradition! I loved it. I went to bed in my new pajamas with my essential oil infuser puffing out lavender and peacefully fell asleep. I love being at home. I love spending time with my family, dogs included.

Julie got me an insulated wine sippy cup!

Even though today I have to head back to the city I got to enjoy a slow morning in my pajamas. Mom made waffles while I relaxed with the dogs. Now I'm planning what to cook this week and when to start working out again. The past few days have been filled with indulgent food, alcohol, and little time for exercise but it all was worth it. The hype before Christmas is my favorite, the lights, baking cookies, watching movies, and buying gifts for others. Hoping everyone had a nice holiday and that the new year brings health and happiness.