New Year Same Old Me

I am not a fan of resolutions to change your shape or size. I am, on the other hand, all about resolutions to be a better me and to look back on my life and consider how I can feel more fulfilled. I don't want to change me, but I do want to keep striving for more. Therefore, this year I decided to take a look at my values and shape my resolutions off of those values. This past year has been full of change and waiting. I graduated from graduate school, moved to a city after living in the mountains (not literally) for seven years, got a new job, and moved in with a roommate after living alone for two years. I just generally feel in a constant state of change and unknown. So I knew something needed to change.

Value #1: Health

I haven't felt like myself lately. I've been unmotivated and sluggish. The girl who used to love to workout and feel strong and capable tends to want to lie down with a glass of wine and watch Netflix. While there is nothing wrong with that, it started to affect how I felt day in and day out. I was less energized at work and generally tired. Therefore I took a look at what I wanted/needed in order to feel more energized.

  • I joined a new gym after going to Christine's gym and basically falling in love. It's a women-only gym and it's so fresh and clean. It has a variety of workout classes that will inspire me and motivate me on a daily basis. I can also go to Christine's location any time I want for some friend workout time. I needed a place I felt welcome and inspired rather than intimidated and out of place and I found it.
  • Floss my teeth every night. I got my first two cavities this year and it was devastating (dramatic I know), but I don't want that to happen again. So I am taking dental health very seriously in 2018 (and longer).
  • Cook 2 meals each week. I love cooking and I recently lost that love somewhere along the way. I feel more motivated with some new appliances (my pasta maker and dutch oven). Elena, my cousin, and I made pasta bolognese on NYE and it was so fun to just catch up while getting our hands dirty. I need to do this more often with friends, even if going out to eat can be fun. That being said I want to be a bit more money conscious and go out to eat when it's a place that I truly want to go to, not because I feel I should or I am being lazy about cooking.

Value #2: Companionship

Moving to Boston I was so excited about the vast amount of people thinking that there were so many people to meet and get to know. Turns out it's almost harder to meet people in a city because everyone has a place to be or someone to meet. Everyone has their own clique or group. It's like moving to a high school midway through the year.

  • Find time to see the friends I have in the city. Make time to cook with Elena. Make time to see Lauren even though she lives so far away. Make time for Molly and Christine on Monday nights for our makeshift run club.
  • Keep in touch with friends better. Luckily no matter how long it's been, my friendships with certain people don't ever change, but even still I should check in more often.
  • Be open at work and talk to more people. This will not only help to create comfort with my coworkers but I hope to be friends with them outside of work too! It takes time.

Value #3: Happiness

It's not that I'm not happy, but it's more that I feel like something is missing and I am the one getting in my own way.

  • Be confident. When I'm in a period of uncertainty and newness it's easy to doubt myself. Therefore I am taking a conscious effort to have confidence.
  • Unwind at night. This means cooking with my melty candle in the kitchen (there's no literally just melts), turning my essential oil infuser on at night and sleeping with it, and reading before bed rather than Netflixing all night long (until I fall asleep at nine).

It sounds like a lot of resolutions, but really it's things I have been working on over the past few months and just want to be better at. Therefore, its a new year but the same me, still working on things that I have been striving for over the past few months. One day at a time.