Some weekends...

Some weekends (or weekdays) are more indulgent than others. Some weekends I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and other days I eat none. Some weekends I cook for myself and other weeks (yes, weeks) I don't. And some weekends I overdo it on snacks, wine or desserts. It happens. No one weekend defines you. This week I didn't cook a meal. Not one. I had leftover homemade pasta two nights and then avocado toast a few nights. It wasn't my proudest week of eating. Then I went to visit Julie for the weekend and this meant more eating and drinking (not complaining).

Friday night we had delicious sushi bowls! I had rice, ahi tuna, tofu, and all the vegetables. It also came with half an avocado. It was unique, flavorful and not too heavy. We also had wine/beer to help us get through the emotions of Stronger. Watch it if you haven't.

Saturday morning I had almond butter oatmeal before heading to a barre class while Julie did her long run. This is a typical morning meal for me and while I wasn't super hungry I knew I wouldn't be able to perform at the gym if I didn't eat something. It was a fast paced class but super fun to jam out to the music, she even played some Brittany Spears. Afterwards Julie made us Trader Joe's vegetarian burgers with kale salad. I don't make many salads at home now because I usually get the salad bar at work with roasted veggies and chicken. I need to make simple meals like this for myself instead of eating toast for dinner and then feeling hungry five seconds later. Baby steps, Megan.

After lunch we went to Liar's Bench brewery for flights. I forgot how much I love the smell of hops...they should make a candle. It was so nice to have uninterrupted time with Julie to get her advice on work, life, and Boston. It's been such an adjustment for me and I really value her advice.

Upon leaving the brewery I bought all the snacks from Trader Joe's. We got truffle cheese (oh my, so delicious) and crackers, chips and salsa and guacamole, and the Trader Joe's version of Smartfood. We ate a lot. And then sipped on Moscow (or Morgan since we used rum) mules while watching Zodiac. It was truly a weekend of Jake Gyllenhaal. Greg made us venison burgers with Smokey cheese (I'm drooling thinking about it) and a kale salad for dinner. The dogs were even jealous. Unfortunately I crashed early and didn't watch much of the Patriots game.

Sunday morning I woke up to two dogs licking my face and jumping on me. No better way to wake up. We lounged around for a bit before heading to brunch in downtown Portsmouth. I loved that Julie and I went out and about a bit this weekend! We wound up at Colby's, a tiny breakfast and lunch place. It was amazing! The service was very friendly and made the wait feel like nothing! Julie and I each went for some eggs with a side of French toast because once you saw it you couldn't not try it. I got an omelet with cheese, peppers, sausage, mushrooms and cauliflower. It came with sourdough toast and hash browns. I ate the omelet and one slice of toast and the fresh toast. It was so thick and gooey (it was cinnamon swirl). It took Julie some time to believe the maple syrup was real. But we're in New Hampshire, if it's not real that's a sin. I left feeling satisfied, not overly full and trust me I would have ate more if I was still hungry or wanted more! You do you is my motto. Some days you just need a few more tastes and a few more bites.

Alas now I'm sitting on the train back to Boston trying to think of ways to feel more at home in the city. Visiting Julie I feel at home and calmer. It could be that being with Julie feels like home. Or I miss the wilderness. Or the book I'm reading is making me homesick because it takes place in Vermont. Or being winter makes me nostalgic. Whatever it is, I can't fix that right away, it will take time. But what I can do is find things to look forward to and find ways to take care of myself.

I realized that it's not that this weekend was a bit more indulgent that bothered me. Sure I probably didn't need all the snacks from Trader Joe's but it happened and I'm moving on. But what bothers me more is that I haven't been taking any of the small steps to care for myself. I haven't been cooking or even meal prepping to set myself up for success during the week. When I feel good throughout the week I don't harp on the weekends so much and I'm able to relax and enjoy the food, the people, and the activities. My next step towards feeling better is meal prepping before the week starts. But also to remember that some weekend are imperfect and that's okay. Thats when I should take a deep breath and move on.

Thank you for the weekend, Julie. For making me feel at home and for showing me that it doesn't take a lot of effort to care for yourself despite how busy you feel. Some days even a dietitian needs a reminder. I'm not perfect, nor should I be. I'm human and some weeks feature fewer workouts, fruits or vegetables.