Being Open to Boston

Is it spring yet? I could really use more sunlight and longer days. As my roommate puts it, every day feels like a fight against the clock. This time of year sleep, vitamin D, and having plans to look forward to becomes exponentially important. I like having alone time, but not a lot of it and so it's important for me to get out of the apartment at least once a day on weekends. Friday I got home from work later in the day and immediately cooked up my favorite fake-out recipe and poured a glass of wine. Whenever I have leftover rice I always make fried rice. This week I made it twice because I love it so much and it's so versatile. It's super satisfying and cheap for days when you really want take out but know you probably shouldn't (anyone else failing at budgeting?) I had another glass of wine while catching up on Grey's Anatomy (the new season) and Chicago Med. I stayed up until 9pm when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and quickly fell asleep.

I slept for 11 hours! Talk about being tired because I never sleep that long. Usually I can never sleep later than 9am, but by going to bed early I am able to get more sleep? Even after copious amounts of sleep my body was still dragging a bit that morning. I woke up and made some warm oatmeal, which I ate while watching Chicago Fire. Gotta love all my Chicago shows.

I went for a 3 mile run outside because the sun was shining and I needed all the endorphins I could get. It was such a hard run, though. My body is not in cardio shape right now because I have been trying to lift weights more often. Cardio also feels impossible to me lately when my body is so tired at the end of the day, but lifting I can do. Especially with some mood boosting music and a great gym!

The big milestone of the day on Saturday was taking the bus or the first time! I usually take the train but sometimes it's not as convenient especially when going to Harvard Square. Turns out there is a bus that goes right there from near my apartment and only takes about a half hour! It was super easy! I was meeting a friend at Tatte for lunch and some studying. We ended up doing more talking/venting but it was so so nice. It's taken me a while to make friends in the city because I feel like I am so tired after work and my weekends are always busy, but I am so glad I am starting to get out a bit more. That reminds me that I should sign up for another cooking class at Boston Public much to do to try to make friends.

How sick are these sunglasses I tried on at Warby Parker?!

For lunch I tried the avocado tartine from Tatte. It.Blew.My.Mind. Thick doughy sourdough bread (baked in house, I believe) with mashed avocado, arugula, thinly sliced radishes, and two poached eggs. I wasn't that hungry but when I saw someone else order this I knew I had to have it. I basically licked my plate shame.

It's so pretty!

Julia and I talked for 3 hours before going our separate ways. Tatte was packed the whole time we were there (because everyone knows it's the best) but we luckily had a table in the corner that was quieter.  It's so nice to be able to have a friend who started working right around the same time as you and gets the adjustment into the working world.

I quickly got my glasses adjusted for the second time that day at Warby Parker (talk about high maintenance...jk the were pinching me and causing a headache) before walking through Cambridge to find my cousin and her friends. She goes to college nearby and was in the area for the Women's March.

How are you in college now?! But so happy about it at the same time.

They were looking for a place to eat so when I saw Beat Brasserie (it's on my bucket list) I told them to go there. It's this funky restaurant that's kind of in the basement with really cool lights. Apparently they have live music and a great brunch...Elena we must go here! I decided to tag along because I wanted some cousin time and her friends were super welcoming and nice! They all got delicious looking food while I enjoyed some wine since I wasn't quite hungry yet. I felt a bit old once I realized I am EIGHT years older than excuse me but where did time go?!

Anyways, Beat Brasserie has wine ON TAP! How cool is that?! And a lot of the wines are sustainably made. Makes me miss Vermont...  They do 3-ounce tasters if you want to try more than one and since they had an extensive list there was no way I wasn't going to try more than one. I went with a full-bodied Cabernet that was described as "jammy" and then a Rhone blend that was also "jammy", but with strong tannins and a little bit of spice. I loved the latter and need to find it in the area. It may be my new favorite wine, although a bit more expensive than Apothic Red. It's also called Troublemaker and so I need to buy some for my uncle who always calls me Trouble.

On the bus ride home (which was also so easy) I thought about how lucky I am that my family is so close. I have a family friend in the city, a second cousin in the city, a first cousin just out of the city, my family a short train ride out of the city, and my twin a short train/bus ride out of the city. I also have two of my best friends from school working in the city. And my roommate who has quickly become one of my close friends. Even though I haven't made that many friends yet, I am so lucky to have family and friends close by. And even though Boston doesn't feel like home like Vermont did, I am not alone. I'm hoping that by exploring more and getting out more I can feel more at home here.

When I got home I made leftovers for dinner. Mexican casserole with a little cheese and chopped spinach with a tortilla on the side. I will not serve this again without a tortilla. It always felt like something was missing and now I know what. I ate dinner while watching an epic marathon of old Grey's Anatomy. I also dropped my phone in my mug of who manages to do that? I was writing recipes for my new recipe bos (I love it!) and the multitasking was too much for me apparently. So today I am likely going to swing by the Verizon phone is in need of an upgrade anyways. But then I need to take better care of my phone...and not spend so much money on food...

How delicious does that look?!

The word of the month for me is openness (my planner is inspirational) and I think I have been more open about all that Boston has to offer in regards to education, culture, and experiences. I only hope to be more open and willing to try new things even if I don't have anyone to go with.