Yes that's a verb. And it's dang hard. I'm sevenish months into this whole adult thing (aka I'm no longer in college) and I've certainly realized a few things.

  1. It can be lonely. You no longer have college to help you find friends. Your bubble is gone and you're probably in a new place with new people. It can feel impossible because it happens so slowly. Someone once told me to just be myself and let it happen. This month I'm working on being more open and not letting being alone stop me from doing the things I want to do! But it still can be lonely...

  1. Its expensive! Man my parents spent a lot on the twin and clothes, sports, electronics, college! I bought a new phone and nearly passed out at the amount of taxes. Then again I probably didn't need all the little gadgets I bought myself buttttttt it happens. This is where saving "x" amount of money each month becomes so important. I'm working on it, Dad.
  2. The grass is always greener. There's always something you'll want or something you envy that someone else has. But in the end isn't your life what's great? I have to constantly remind myself that yes it could be better but I sure have so much to be thankful for. A great job. A supportive family. Friends who live close by. A roommate who grounds me and indulges my Grey's Anatomy marathon.
  3. Meal prepping is a must. This I've learn d the hard way and still struggle with. But when you commute a lot and make exercising after work a priority you really need to meal prep. There's just no time to cook on weekdays. That being said there's a fine line between meal prepping and just eating leftovers of ONE meal all week and I'm currently in the latter. But it's a learning process.

Basically being a grown up and off the paycheck of my parents has been an adjustment. What I struggle with the most is #1 since I'm in a new city. It's been a great change and I count my blessings each day, but I still struggle. It's not all rainbows and butterflies but someday I'll get a handle on things. If you have any tips for any and all of the above please let me know!