Some weeks

I found myself wondering how I could feel so on last week and so off this week. But it happens. Just like you have cut back weeks with a training plan, your body knows when you need a cut back week in life. And boy do I need {a few} cut back weeks. So how do you know?

Your body just cannot. I tried to move this week. I wanted to go to the gym but then it felt nearly impossible. Other days I would walk slower and slower home until I thought I wouldn't make it. I'd want to fall asleep at 7:30pm. And when you get home at 5 some nights that doesn't leave much time for living.

Convenience everything. I hate taking Uber when I have a T pass. But as I get older I realize it's important on nights you're out a bit too late and need to function at work the next day. Convenience foods are also a must. That could mean anything! I made a quick pizza the other night and that was convenient for me. Or leftovers. Those are also convenient. Or as always, brinner.

Emotions. Oh holy heck I'm an emotional person. Ask anyone, I cry a lot. Ask Julie, she knows best. And when I'm tired I'll cry while watching a random TV show...yes it happens. That's when you put Megan to bed.

Set your priorities. Do you really need to do that today or can it wait until tomorrow or the next day. If you skip the gym will that really affect your overall goals that much? If you eat pizza despite it not being on your meal plan will your body change a lot? You're allowed to say No! Take a cut back week in life, not just when you're training.