5 Things About Me

Dietitians are often judged once someone knows what their career is. I was recently in an Uber and once he knew I was a dietitian he said

  • I must know how to eat and still manage my weight...ummm okay
  • He used to be vegan...you do you man
  • He just bought a juicer...does you think that will make us closer

I also can't tell you how many times someone has asked me if I'm a vegetarian. No. I'm not. So here are a few things about me.

1. I want to like smoothies...but I miss chewing. There's something so satisfying about chewing a meal. So instead I almost always have oatmeal. Weekends I might throw in a waffle. I don't usually eat eggs for breakfast unless I go out to eat.

2. Yes I like cooking. But only when I have time. Weekdays are often too hectic and I'm hungry by the time I get home. You can't force it so I often cook on weekends and eat leftovers for days.

3. I'm a flexible eater. I don't just eat healthy foods. Nor do I monitor what I eat. I love pizza. Homemade pizza at that. And homemade white pasta. Sure I love vegetables and salads but not all the time. And fat is what gives meals flavor and makes them satisfying.

4. I can't go a day without peanut butter. Usually for breakfast. In oatmeal. On pancakes or waffles. Peanut butter and jelly. Mixed into yogurt.

5. I'm not a vegetarian. I eat a lot of chicken. And enjoy some red meat every once and a while to restore my iron levels. I eat fish every once and a while, usually at work. But I also eat tofu and beans.

Don't just a book by its cover or a dietitian by their title. We all eat, who cares what as long as it supports our bodies and we enjoy it.