What a Day...Off

My days off usually consist of pajamas, Netflix and maybe some cleaning and a trip to the gym. Sometimes I don't even leave the apartment but then I feel like I'm missing something. They days when I get out of the apartment feel more fulfilling. But I don't always have plans...especially when I get a day off during the week. So on Tuesday I made it a point to leave even if I didn't have plans. And not to just go to the gym. I actually didn't work out because I woke up sore from my personal training session the night before. It was free with joining. And actually I was very impressed. But I can't afford that on the regular.

Anyways I woke up to SNOW! Literally the best thing to wake up to. I got my own personal snow day so I turned on my new favorite show (The Resident) and made some warm oatmeal with frozen blueberries on top. A classic for me.

Eventually I did some studying on my couch and then called my mom who just got back from Florida. She told me she and dad are going to California in March. What? Life isn't fair...

Around 11 I put on real clothes (sigh) and hopped on the next train. My plan was to go get lunch before going to Boston Public Library to study some more. Well on the train I was texting my girl, Christine, and she was down for meeting up for coffee! I met her at Flour in the South End. I got a farro and mustard green salad with nuts and dried fruit! Except the croutons hurt my tooth that I recently had a root canal on. Not so fun.

Christine arrived and we got drinks. Roiboos latte for me since this girl hasn't drank coffee since Thanksgiving! I feel amazing too. We chatted and chatted and boy have I missed this girl. She's always understood me when I don't even understand myself. It's such a feeling, I hope everyone has a friend like that.

I walked to Boston Public Library and was in awe of the architecture. I've only explored the courtyard before but oh my. I'm so glad I was inspired to study here (The Real Life RD studied here the day before and had it on her Insta stories). I got a good hour and a half of reading ASPEN articles before...The Real Life RD sat down at my table! I couldn't breathe at first. It's like meeting a celebrity only better. I couldn't work up the courage to say hi (or interrupt her working) until I went to leave. I could not miss the opportunity to meet the person who inspires my blog and a lot of my perspective around food. I've been reading her blog for years. Pinch me...

Then I came home and Michelle and I got to cooking. Lasagna was on the menu, complete with veggies, bechamel, side salads, and wine. It was so so so worth the effort and cooking with a friend doesn't feel like work at all. I'm going to miss her. We finished off the night with another glass of wine and some Grey's Anatomy.

Feeling grateful for days like this. Full of new friends, old friends, studying, good food, meeting new people, and exploring. Not every day needs to include a trip to the gym, meal prepping, or following a diet. Sometimes it feels good to just be.