I went home this weekend because I needed to see my parents, feel at ease, and relax. It was a long time coming and very much needed. While I was home I had a heart to heart with my mom which involved wine and a whole lot of tears on my part. I just don't feel like myself since moving to Boston and something needed to change. Or a few things. Some I won't get into because it's a more personal journey, but some I can share! And Lent is the perfect time for a good practice run.

Most people give something up for Lent. I used to. These days I focus more on what is missing in my life and how I can be better. Since being in Boston I've lost my passion for cooking and vegetables and composting. There is less of a connection to farms. I miss it! I can't wait to get a CSA again...but that's not one of my immediate goals.

Goal #1: Bring my lunch 3 days per week. This will require more cooking on my part and better stocking of my fridge (hello fruit and vegetables) but I did just buy an Instant Pot. I'm also currently prepping quinoa and steamed Brussels sprouts in my rice cooker (could I have any more appliances?!) Even if I feel too tired to cook when I get home I can always cook in the evening for days ahead. My mom convinced me the Instant Pot was just what I needed with my tight schedule and my desire to cook more. I couldn't agree more...who's coming over for dinner?

Goal #2: Move my body 3-4 days per week. Whether it's a run or a gym class or lifting weights, exercise helps me to relax at night and handle stress throughout the day. It's a must. Yesterday I went for a run throughout Charlestown after work and it was glorious because the sun was out! Exercise classes, lifting weights, or sunny runs are my jam.

Goal #3: When I drink alcohol stop at one glass. This is a trial run for sure. I've been feeling like that second glass makes me worry more and have a harder time falling asleep. I love wine and come from a family who loves wine so this goal may last...or not. And if I've in a social environment where that second glass feels right then that's okay too.

If I'm with this lady there's likely a second glass.

Goal #4: Enjoy chocolate for dessert but take a break from the baked goods. There is nothing wrong with baked goods or chocolate. Stop the guilt trip. There are no good or bad foods out there. I'm merely doing this because I've felt a bit too sugar-craved lately. Like it has power over me and when I eat it I haven't been fully enjoying it. Yesterday I ate a few extra pieces of Lindt chocolates and didn't fully enjoy one bite...I need to get back to that.

Goal #5: Realize when I need a break and take it. This weekend I realized I've been needing a break for a while. Whether that means going easy one week and exercising less or making fewer plans or escaping home more frequently. Or self care may mean shopping for clothes I feel good in or buying new makeup. Whatever it is, I need to just listen and go with it.

The goal with this trial is not to lose weight or change my shape. It's to feel more confident, energized, and connected to my values and beliefs. Wish me luck! Track my progress on Instagram!! @tinykitchencook