Mood Boost

Friday is always a stressful day for me. I want to leave everything and everyone as stable and complete as possible before the weekend. Usually I spend Friday nights in my sweats, on the couch, eating leftovers or takeout and drinking wine while watching my TV shows. However, this past Friday I had plans to do that with my cousin. Turns out I would much rather have company on a Friday night. Elena picked my up from work on Friday and we drove to my gym. There was NO traffic! We parked in Brookline and Elena was in awe, I can't wait to explore the area with her in the future we just have to find a weekend that works! We did a quick lifting session followed by 15 minutes of cardio. I got her hooked on the Mood Booster play list on Spotify and we both felt the effect (Get it? Our moods were boosted! But really mine was boosted by having her company). Before grabbing our things we tasting some FitVine wine (low calorie wine). I will never pass up a wine tasting even if I don't fully believe in the product...I would rather have a full calorie wine that has not been altered in any way than a low calorie wine. Give me the real stuff any day of the week. But I also haven't looked into this wine so I can't judge.

We got home and threw dinner into the Instant Pot and oven. Broccoli and cauliflower went into the oven and pork went into the Instant Pot. I seared it on both sides with the saute function and then started the pressure cooker. Unfortunately after 30 minutes it still wasn't quite done so I added another 15 minutes. One of the best parts of the Instant Pot is that I can put it all in there, set the timer and take a shower while it cooks. Dinner was carnitas with pineapple salsa, the best corn tortillas from Trader Joes (have you had the wheat and corn tortillas???), avocado of course and veggies with some goddess dressing. We had the veggies as an appetizer while we waited for the pork to cook. We ate dinner while watching When We First Met on Netflix and I had a glass of wine (just one, don't worry!)

Saturday morning I woke up at 7am but was so so so tired. I made a waffle for breakfast and took lounging to a whole new level. I watched some Netflix and texted my dad before trying to get some energy to do something. I texted Christine who (luckily) was free and we made plans to meet up for a run. I fueled with some leftover carnitas and hopped on the train.

We ran by the Charles and through East Cambridge and down through Beacon Hill. Well actually we walked through Beacon Hill because it was so pretty and our legs were tired. That area is GOALS for life. I want to live there, I don't even care about parking because right now I don't use a car. I'll have to marry rich to move there...

It was a perfect adventure, being able to spontaneously meet up with my best friend. We talked about everything. At one point she even used some counseling skills on me and it was very helpful. We also got into a discussion about bodies changing naturally over time, Weight Watchers targeting teens, and the role of dietitians as a whole. We've always had a habit of getting really deep while exercising :)

The rest of my day was filled with laundry and prepping for the week. I cooked some food and relaxed as well. A lot of the time I spend my days mentally and physically preparing for the next. Apparently the first two years of your first job are the hardest and I would say that that's accurate.