Back to the Mountains

This weekend I escaped to the mountains for a much needed break and reunion. I arrived in New Hampshire at 12pm on Friday where Jeanne picked me up. We hopped over to King Arthur Flour for lunch and some shopping before getting back in the car. I got a butternut squash soup with a brie and apple sandwich. I also got a peppermint bark tea, maybe then I'll eat less chocolate. Once in the store I bought myself so many Mason jar appliances! So fun. Stay tuned for pictures.

We picked up some adult beverages and bread at Red Hen bakery before making it up to Burlington. The goal was to have an early dinner to make a movie later on. We explored the new Folinos in Burlington. It's on my old street (cue groan of sadness that it didn't open earlier)! We ordered buffalo chicken and made our own with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and homemade sausage. We enjoyed the food and the space before heading to see Back Panther!! It was so good but 3D glasses aren't great for people who wear theatre popcorn was a must. Most of us stayed awake...

Saturday we woke up and lounged a bit before heading to the gym. We fueled with amazing oatmeal bowls! Feeling inspired to switch up my usual breakfast. Jeanne and I took a sweaty spin class which felt great after lots of pizza and popcorn. So did the sauna because that never feels bad.

Lunch consisted of vegetarian toast! Avocado with spinach and smoked salmon on one and jam with goat's milk Gouda and apple slices on another. Yummmm. Eaten while watching college basketball. Jeanne and I may have lounged more than watched...

Then we fancied ourselves up. It was so fun to do makeup and hair together. Jeanne has so many good tips and my hair has never looked so good. I love a good reason to get gussied up. The occasion was a Valentine's Day party that evening. But first, Trapp Family Lodge.

We got a beer at the new beer hall and then went to the most magnificent wine tasting I have ever been to. It even beat Napa Valley for me. It was in their cellar with cheese and crackers. We tasted five wines and then got a second pour of our favorite. I would have bought some bottles but they can't sell there. All the wines were Pinot Noir and actually opened my eyes to a new range of wines to try. I was feeling a bit tipsy by the end since I hadn't eaten in a while.

But we still had a party to go to! This party was what I've always dreamed parties to be. Gatherings of close friends with a plethora of delicious food. I had heaps of meatballs, doughy bread with salami and like six kinds of cheese, bread stuffed with cheese, crab dip, stuffed mushrooms and like two slices of jicama and radish (gotta have a vegetable). Looking back on it no wonder I felt sick later on. It was all wonderfully prepared that I just kept going back for more. I had some delicious salted chocolates too, not that I could really fit more in my stomach, though. I was uncomfortably full but it was so nice to be surrounded by such open and inviting people. One of the things I miss most about Vermont. That and the breweries.

I went to bed full and happy and woke up to gushing wind. I changed my travel plans because I didn't want Jeanne to be driving. Luckily this gave us time to go to brunch! We went to Chefs Corner and shared the croissant french toast and the crunchy pancakes (granola filled). It was sweet and satisfying. The French toast blew my mind. It was so thick and rich, I need to recreate this.

The bus took a while but I'm glad they went slow in the sleet, ice and rain. It gave me time to meal plan and catch up on my book. Until next time, Vermont. And as always to my wonderful hosts, you always make me feel so warm and welcome. You know I love spending time with you!

Vermont will always hold a place in my heart.