The Social Media Trap

Remember when you used to have a day off, a day to do absolutely nothing, and it was the best day ever? You could stay in your pajamas until 4pm when you would take a shower only to put your pajamas on again. You'd catch up on TV shows and make numerous bowls of popcorn just because. Only me? I highly doubt that. These days, social media makes us feel guilty for doing nothing or simply resting because our body needs it. We have a day off and all of a sudden it's serious FOMO (fear of missing out) even though our bodies are begging for a slowwww day. But we can't give it to them because we need to show the world that we are doing the coolest new exercise, sticking to our strict diet/exercise goals (there's a whole other argument there that I won't get into today), meeting up with all the cool people, so on and so forth. You get the picture. Social media makes us feel guilty for taking a rest day.

I'm here to say that I've succumbed to this, too. I woke up this morning with no plans. I had nobody to hang out with. I had nothing that I absolutely had to do. I wanted to exercise but my knee is not quite healed and still sore to bend so I had no exercise planned. I woke up and scrolled through social media while eating my breakfast. I immediately saw that my sister ran 16 miles and my other friends had done this cool thing or that cool thing. Oddly enough even what complete strangers do made me feel guilty for wanting to veg out all day. But why? This is my life. And I worked a long week and have to work Sunday, too. Don't I deserve to binge watch Netflix, eat delicious food, and not exercise every once and a while? I'm not training for a race. I eat healthy most days of the week. And most of all, my body was asking for rest.

And so I spent the morning relaxing before taking myself on a lunch date. One of my passions is finding new restaurants and I'll be damned if not having anyone to eat with will stop me. Although it does make me more conscious of how fast I eat...I need to work on that. I went to All Star Sandwich Bar per the recommendation of a friend. The atmosphere brought me back to Vermont and I felt right at home. Not to mention the unique and delicious menu! I ordered the Mr. Miyagi. It was pulled pork with an over easy egg and aioli and cucumbers and a slight Thai flavor. Served on a brioche bun. You better believe I polished it all off, but I had to eat it with a fork.

After lunch I explored the area a bit, Inman Square and Central Square. I walked to the Cambridge Farmers market but was underwhelmed compared to my past experience with Burlington. Winter markets are much smaller too.

It was a chilly day but nice to put on real clothes, turn up the music (I've been jamming to the best playlists of a friend, lately), and walk around a new part of the city.

I got home to grocery shop and roast some vegetables before taking a much needed nap. I don't remember the last time I took a nap and clearly my body needed it.

Dinner was a Buddha bowl with some old squash that wasn't so yummy...but everything else was good! I rounded off the veggie filled bowl with some Taza chocolate because my sweet tooth was calling. Taza chocolate is my favorite.

And now my body is asking for more rest so that I'm ready for another week and so that my knee heals more. Hoping I can get back to exercising this week. But if I take a few more days off that's not the end of the world and I don't need to feel guilty for that.

Don't let what other people are doing make you feel guilty about what you're doing.