Good Eats This Week

So lately I've been trying to bring my lunch to work more. The last two (or maybe three) weeks I've succeeded in bringing lunch 4/5 days! And honestly I feel great. Simply by being in charge of what I eat and how the food is prepared makes my stomach oh so happy. It's sad to say but I think my stomach has gotten a bit sensitive. Bringing lunch also gives me a little extra room (physical room in my stomach, NOT calorie room because I don't do that) to enjoy meals out. I am overwhelmed by the food scene in Boston. Who wants to go on a dinner date?!? Anyways last week I prepped steel cut oats for my breakfasts and this week I did the same but cooked them with water. The instapot does all the work for me. Set it and forget it but only for about 40 minutes (shocker, it only cooks for 3 minutes).

I've also been really into Buddha bowls for lunch. Last week included lots of kale and raw carrots with tofu but this week I went for: barley + broccoli + carrots + sweet potato + hard boiled egg + beans + hummus + avocado. Yum!! The roasted veggies and the whole grains pair perfectly with the healthy fats. I feel great eating this. The rice cooker cooked my barley, so no it's not just a rice cooker.

I've also been super into peanut butter as per the usual around here. One night, despite having a fridge full of food and a plan to make curry I just made peanut butter and jelly toast. My stomach was a bit off that day so it was totally worth it. And my moms strawberry jam is out of this world. I always eat raw carrots on the side when I have pbj...fruit is too sweet with the jam.

Some eats out this week:

Mr. Miyagi from All Star Sandwich Bar. This had to be eaten with a fork but the egg, pulled pork, Thai combo was unbelievable. And brioche buns never fail.

Pizza from Area Four. We split the garlic knots, the Brussels sprout salad and the carnivore pizza. I stalk local restaurant instagrams and knew I needed the carnivore pizza, but it was very salty so I kept waking up that night to chug water. Another thing is I wish our food came out more staggered. By the time we got to the pizza it wasn't the hottest. But I will be back! It was super tasty.