Friday. Of course I couldn't sleep in. I also had plans and wanted to get the day going so I woke up at 6:30am to have a slow breakfast. One of the things I miss most about previous work/school schedules was being able to get up and have a slow breakfast before running out the door. These days I either eat breakfast on the train if I am really hungry or at my desk while I am screening my floors. It's not the most mindful way to eat...

Anyways, after breakfast I packed my gym bag and headed to Brookline. I thoroughly enjoyed the leisurely walk and seeing everyone going to work at 7:30am...that would be the life. I've often wished I could workout in the morning before work but my gym opens at 5:30am and that's when I'm getting ready to catch the 5:45 train...no can do. At the gym I did an hour of cycling while watching Grey's Anatomy. I alternated sprints during the commercials (one commercial on and one commercial off). I have been holding off on squats and lifting until my knee is fully healed. We are almost there!

I showered and got ready at the gym and felt like a million bucks! I also have been feeling pretty great after indulging myself with new makeup from Sephora (first time ever!) and new bras that fit SO well. Girls, if you are having a down period and just feel uncomfortable in your skin, 1. you are not alone and 2. go buy some makeup and bras. It didn't fix everything but I sure feel better and more comfortable!

After the gym I had a doctor's appointment (just a physical) with a new-to-me doctor. I was super nervous because I loved my PCP in Burlington after having some not so great ones. I did a lot of research which payed off because my new doctor is amazing and she was EARLY, didn't seem rushed at all, and answered all of my many questions and then some. I am going to stick with her forever, no matter where I end up moving after this apartment.

I power walked home to meet Julie who was trying to park and failing (that girl can't parallel park so she was calling me to have me do it). Luckily there were a bajillion spots so I didn't have to. I actually enjoy parallel parking but not when there is snow on the ground because you can't tell if you are hitting the curb, the snow, or a car...not fun. We dropped our stuff off and grabbed a Lyft over to Southie for brunch.

Fridays are the brunch test kitchen at Lincoln. Basically they try out new recipes that they want to feature on their menu. I had planned to get some epic pancakes but then I saw the burger go by and just had to have that. Julie also spotted a cookies and cream cinnamon roll on the menu (they also had a Reese's Puff donut...) All in all it was delicious. I left feeling like I should not have licked my plate clean of the truffle fries but it happens and truffle fries are straight from heaven. Jules and I spent the time catching up. It was great to hear how well she's doing at her new position. We kept wondering how so many people were out to brunch/lunch on a Friday...

After that we caught the red line to Cambridge to go to Lamplighter Brewery. It was a hidden small space near Inman Square. I liked the vibe, but there were so many people doing work and drinking coffee because it is also a coffee shop. I miss the strict breweries of Burlington. Like I just want to enjoy my beer without laptops everywhere. Unplug people, UNPLUG. Julie and I enjoyed the funky beer flight (it featured IPAs). Our stomachs struggled to fit a flight of beer after an epic lunch but it was worth it. We continued to catch up here. I miss her, it's gotten harder to text her with her running, new job, side business, epic life, etc. And she never picks up her phone. Anyway, after drinking our flights we bought expensive 4-packs to go. They have a rotating double IPA. I can't resist a double IPA that's fruity. We were lazy and took a Lyft back to my apartment.

I have become more and more lazy with taking Lyfts and Ubers instead of public transportation. I don't mind the train but when it's late at night and the green line snails along I'd rather catch a ride. Or if I'm in Cambridge and the busses come every like 20 minutes and there is no train that connects to Allston I'm going to catch a ride. It adds up though; budgeting (or trying to budget I should say) in Boston is so so challenging.

Julie and I changed into sweatpants immediately. We were going to plan Scotland but then we ended up talking with Michelle for a bit while I tried to figure out what to make for dinner. Turns out we just ended up ordering Korean food. I really wanted Julie to try it. She wanted pizza but I wasn't in the mood for pizza. We both got the homemade noodles with black bean paste, onions, and cabbage. Julie had pork and I had tofu. I took a quick walk through Allston to pick it up. Of course I had to plug in and listen to some tunes on my walk.

When I got back, Julie and I each claimed a couch, poured a glass of wine, and ate our takeout. We both finished off our dishes but boy was I stuffed after. Probably didn't need all that food but again, it happens. Sometimes we aren't great at listening to our hunger and fullness cues and we get a little too full.

We watched The Choice (a Nicholas Sparks movie) before heading to bed. Let me clarify by saying watched the whole movie and Julie fell asleep at 7:45pm. It was SUCH a cute movie. Talk about goals. Go watch it. So good! Julie will have to rewatch it but her boyfriend probably wouldn't like it. Although all significant others could take some hints from that guy.

And that concluded our first day together. Lots of eating, drinking, and together time.


We both woke up around 6am. I guess that's what happens when you go to bed at 8pm. By 7am we were out the door for a run. I joined Julie for 6 Miles. I took her on the route by the river that I love but the path was covered in snow. Oops. And the sun was BLINDING. Double oops.

We met up with Suzanne at the Boston Marathon finish line. Every time my friends or my sister visits I wonder why I don't do more of these things when I'm alone. Just get up and run. Just keep texting friends until someone is available to hang out. Just get outside, Megan.

Anyways it was great to run with Julie, I always enjoy that. And it was great to catch up with Suzanne. And it's always fun exploring the city by foot.

I veered off at Coolidge Corner and ran home because 6 Miles is the most I've ran in a very long time. BUT I did feel pretty great. I want to keep running as the weather gets better, I love outdoor running.

I ate some oatmeal with peanut butter and maple sugar (thank you, Greg) before taking a shower. Then I wrote a little and lounged a lot while waiting for Julie. And waiting. And waiting. Two + hours later and she finally returned with her bagel sandwich.

The rest of the time Julie was here we spent lounging and planning more of our Scotland trip. We picked a kick ass hotel for when we hike around Loch Lomond. Getting excited!

Sadly Julie left around 3pm. I packed her some snacks because I worry about her not fueling enough for her long runs or after her long runs. I also cried when she left because 28 hours was too short. I don't feel fully at home in the city and Julie is always anxious to get back to her home which she has created for herself. It's a bit of jealousy but also sadness. I want that for myself but I also want to spend more time with my twin.

Wow, end sap story. I'll see her soon. I made a snack, made some plans with my cousin, and gave myself a lazy day. The great news was that I still had Sunday so I had another day to cook and clean and relax. But unfortunately I'm not great at being alone yet. Finished the night by drinking my one glass of wine, watching some Netflix and Chicago Fire, and eating some leftover chicken curry with carrots.

Miss you, Jules. I know Boston isn't made for you so I appreciate you coming to visit anyways.