A Day in the Life

Sunday was a strange day. It was daylight savings but also my third day off in a row which rarely happens. I am finally feeling well rested, though. 6:30- I slept through my alarm. My body needed more sleep. It almost felt like the time I took NyQuil instead of DayQuil and COULD NOT keep my eyes open. That stuff is intense.

7:30- I naturally woke up and accepted that I wouldn't make it to 8am yoga. Instead I reheated the last of my steel cut oats while reading some blogs.

8:30- Start my laundry.

9:00- I walked across the street to BFresh to get my groceries. I told myself I wouldn't buy a lot this week because I went overboard last week, but as usual that didn't happen. I bought apple pears which I thought were $1.99 a pound but actually were $1.99 a piece. They better taste like gold.

9:30- Prep deconstructed egg roll bowls (aka ground meat with sautéed onion, bok choy, cabbage, and carrots - it called for mushrooms too but they wouldn't fit in the skillet).

10:30- Prep baked oatmeal while egg roll bowls continue to cook. I decided to try to make my own lemon poppyseed baked oatmeal recipe. If I'm being honest it could have used some sweetener at first taste but I'll let you know when I have it tomorrow with a side of Greek yogurt. I always look forward to baked oatmeal but it's never the same as my beloved peanut butter oats.

11:20- (it might have been earlier...) eat some of my deconstructed egg roll bowl with a side of naan and topped with peanuts. It's sooooo good.

12:00- Finish my laundry and put it all away. Do you put it away right away or wait awhile? I'm the former.

1:30- have a snack of some goats milk Gouda cheese with Beet crackers from Trader Joe's. I love these crackers. And the cheese is a given. It's amazing.

1:45- Get to the gym to workout. Today I did the strength workout that my trainer gave me. It was hard seeing as I took a break to heal my knee (which is looking better!)

2:25- sauna time. My gym is a secret spa.

3:00- Go to Gap to buy new jeans. I've had the same jeans since maybe sophomore year of College. They look like they should have split apart years ago and my post grad school body is not the same body as college. I went to Gap which has European sizes so I was lost. BUT this actually helped me dissociate from the sizes (since I have no idea what they equate to nor do I plan to google it) and just focus on what truly fit my body. Sure it was hard. But I want to feel comfortable in my jeans. I immediately got home and put those old jeans and a pair that's way too big in the waist (high waisted jeans just don't do anything for me) under my bed to donate at a later time. I hope these jeans become a staple, especially given that I need some casual pants for Scotland.

I almost bought that sweater too but this girl spent a wee bit too much when the twin was here...

4:00- Get home from the gym and shopping to put on some sweatpants and read a book while drinking tea. I'm currently reading Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave. It's obviously historical fiction about World War II. That's all I read.

5:00- Make a salad of leftovers (arugula, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, hard boiled eggs, and hummus). With a few squares of Taza chocolate because I'd been craving it all day.

5:30- watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix...

The rest of the night- watch too much Grey's Anatomy...fall asleep around 8:30-9:00pm.