Self Care Saturday (and Friday)

This week was cray-zay. I don't know about you all, but I can't even tell you what happened. It was just busy, unpredictable, rushed but slow at the same time, and an overall blur. By the time 3:30 on Friday rolled around my brain was like "heck no, Megan, I'm done." Luckily, my cousin planned to pick me up for the beginning of our planned adventures together. And boy am I glad to have had these plans because I needed a good distraction. It made me realize that I should plan something fun each Friday to separate from the work week. We had plans in Assembly Row so we drove around to explore the area a bit before walking through Christmas Tree Shop and settling at Starbucks. I got a matcha green tea latte (inspired by my coworker's love of matcha) to sip on before our workout class. I love how Elena and I can do adventurous things and have a great time or just drink coffee/tea and have a great time. We also keep the joy of sleepovers alive and I love it. Sure we are cousins, but it's still rare to find humans you can be so relaxed and comfortable with. I'm grateful to have her around at least for the time being (she's moving, wahhh).

The main event of the night was a boxing class at Title Boxing. Your first class is free and all I have to say is, GO! Man this class totally blew my mind. We got wrapped, fitted for gloves, and chose our bag. We were nervous, but the girl checking us in told us she's a nurse so we were in good hands. Phew. The class started with 15 minutes of a warmup. Think non-stop burpees, squats, jumping jacks, quick feet, etc. And then repeat forever until you think you might die (we were given the best advice to pace ourselves). Then it's 8 3-minute rounds of boxing. I struggled to get the different moves down but finally after some one-on-one instruction I started to get it ,but my coordination needs work. We were jabbing, crossing, hooking, and uppercutting like bosses by the end of the night. But mostly the punching just got all my negative emotions out. I left the studio with the biggest, dorkiest smile on my face.

The next event was cooking dinner. We were both starving. We made a first dish of roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Think of that as our appetizer because we couldn't wait to eat something...anything. The main dish was chicken marsala with couscous. It was so so so delicious! Elena is a true cook. I honestly wouldn't cook wth heavy cream (mostly because I never have it on hand), but she goes all out. I am so impressed by her.

No meal is complete without some dessert so we decided to get some Ben and Jerry's. Honestly I have been craving ice cream all week but have not indulged. So we ran out (in our pajamas) to pick up some pints. I got one of their new truffle flavors and Elena got my all-time favorite, The Tonight Dough. We got our big bowls and curled up on the couch to watch Creed, a boxing movie. We couldn't resist after the class we took. Unfortunately we didn't finish the movie because we were so tired, but it was great while it lasted.

I slept like a baby and needed it something fierce. I woke up so rested that I was like, wait where am I?! I'm pretty sure Elena woke up and cried a little from being in pain from the boxing class (the poor girl was struggling to be comfortable all night). We got dressed for the day and onto our next adventure. I put on my new jeans that I bought last week. I think I am a fan of Gap jeans. I have no idea what the sizes mean and for me, that's calming. I just found a pair that fit and was like that's it. Also, it's been years since I have felt at home in a pair of jeans and I am so so so happy with my purchase. They are mid-rise and it's flattering. End of monologue.

We parked in Brookline and walked to Zaftigs. I was told to go here for their french toast. Little did I know that Elena doesn't like breakfast food and I took her to a restaurant that serves breakfast all day (cue eye roll). But she enjoyed her eggs benedict and I went with the stuffed french toast. I was deciding between the challah french toast and the stuffed french toast but this place is known for their stuffed french toast so I had to get it. I also got a scrambled egg on the side for some protein. I am all about a well-rounded meal and know from previous experience that I will be hungry in two hours if I only eat pancakes or french toast with syrup. It's all sugar...but so tasty. And this french toast was amazing! They basically take a block of bread and cut out the middle to stuff it with a banana date mixture. It's also served with warm maple syrup.

We were stuffed by the end but our adventures planned to include some tea/coffee drinking while meandering through my favorite bookstore, the Brookline Booksmith. I got a chair tea latte with soy milk and searched the cookbooks and historical fiction section. I got a book about the Tudors and Elena got a fantasy book. The last stop of our Brookline tour was Elena helping me to grocery shop. It's both of our favorite activity (don't judge) so she read the recipe I wanted to make while I grabbed the ingredients. And of course I bought some things that I didn't need as well.

Once back at the apartment we talked. And watched Ugly Delicious. We are seriously so similar. We both enjoy cooking and eating delicious food. We both enjoy being active but also understand that sometimes working out is not the best choice for ourselves. We both work in healthcare so we can understand things that our families cannot. We are both outgoing but find times when we feel very isolated and alone in the city. It's my saving grace that I can call Elena and she knows exactly what I am talking about or exactly what I am feeling. And so maybe the self care that occurred was all of the amazing things that happened and that we did, or maybe the self care was being around someone who just gets it and makes you feel at home.

What did you do for self care this weekend?

What's your favorite brunch food?