Lolita’s Back Bay

I've been to Lolita's before and had a fantastic experience. Last Friday was no different, it's such a fun atmosphere. Great for catching up with a friend, a date, or a birthday dinner. Thursday was my dear friend Christine's birthday. So come Friday it was time to celebrate. I made my way to Back Bay around 6:30. We met at Christine's apartment for some catching up and wine. Before we knew it Lolita's was calling to say our reservation was ready. So we made the quick walk over. Talk about living in a convenient location.

We started off with a pitcher of White Lie margaritas. It was a mix of grapefruit, elderberry and basil. So delicious! Probably one of the best margaritas I've ever had. I'm not usually a margarita person but this won me over.

Complementary chips and a variety of dips come with dinner and we were a bit too busy talking and snacking to make a quick order. This girl was hungry because it was 8:30 and I usually eat dinner between 5:30 and 6:00 but the chips were fantastic. I think they're homemade because they come to the table warm.

Besides chips we started with street corn because there's nothing better than corn on the cob slathered with some mayo, cheese, and spices.

It was a bit spicier than I remember but just as messy and delicious. Followed by another round of chips because they're SO GOOD.

I ordered the carnitas nachitos for dinner because MORE CHIPS.

When I go out to eat I choose what sounds the best in that moment (especially at 8:45pm at night). I don't believe in planning ahead to choose the healthiest item. Ask me the last time I had chips or nachos? I honestly couldn't tell you. There's no shame in having nachos or a whole bunch of chips. There's also no shame if you actually really want the cauliflower tacos. It's the motive behind the choice that matters. Are you choosing it because you want to or because you feel you have to in order to stick to your diet? Also you're allowed to enjoy dinner with friends. End rant and time for another round of margs.

We also ordered guacamole which we didn't bad. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. But then we all had a few big bites of cotton candy when it came with our check. And fun tattoos!

How tired do I look? This is what happens when I get up at 5am to go to work every day. But I worry I'm not fun enough anymore...need to spend more time with friends.

Happy birthday to the birthday girl. I love you, Christine. I may not see you often but I think of you always. And I admire you so much. You're kicking butt and you're a great dietitian.