My Lent Goals

Lent comes to an end this week. If you can remember, I made a lot of goals for Lent. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I've been doing and the changes that I can make moving forward to feel more balanced. This was my attempt to feel balanced. I can't describe it more than that except that I've been feeling very unbalanced. Working more than anything else. Eating out more than cooking for myself. Drinking more wine than not. It happens but I wanted to tip the scales a bit more the other way. Goal #1: Bring my lunch 3 days per week. 

How am I doing? Great! I've actually been aiming for 4 days/week. And I've noticed that I feel more energized throughout the day. I also noticed my stomach is less bloated and more regular (sorry, TMI?) because I eat so much more fiber. When I make lunches they tend to be more nutrient dense (whole grains, vegetables, etc.) and plant based (lots of beans). I brought a lot of buddha bowls and some salads even though salads in winter are not my thing.

Goal #2: Move my body 3-4 days per week.

How am I doing? Great! I've been aiming for 4 days/week with this goal as well! My cousin has been a huge help. I text her after work if I'm feeling run down or stressed out and she asks me what I need. Some days I realize that going to the gym even if I just watch Netflix while biking or running is far better for my mood that going home to just lie around (I do this a lot because I am ALWAYS tired). Other days I want to go home and cook a nutritious dinner and lie around and that's okay too. I've been tracking my workouts on a handing wall calendar. It's not about losing weight for me, it's about stress relief and endorphins. Add a friend to the workout and I am that much happier.

Goal #3: When I drink alcohol stop at one glass. 

How am I doing? Um a tie? I have made a few exceptions here. For example when I went to Vermont and we went to a wine tasting before a dinner party. Or when Julie came up and we went to a brewery and then had a glass of wine with dinner. Or at Christine's birthday. But I realized this was more a goal for when I was home on weekends and would commonly enjoy two glasses alone. I didn't need two glasses, one would be just fine because I was drinking it because I like wine not because I needed it. So in that case I have done well, I have not had more than one drink when I am at home having a glass of wine or a beer. BUT I also think I have had more glasses throughout the week. Rather than having two glasses of wine on Friday and Saturday now I find I have been having one glass four nights/week. There's nothing wrong with that, but I don't think I need that much. I think my next goal is to cut back a little. This past week I definitely had more wine than I needed. And yes, I drink it because I enjoy it, but that doesn't mean I need to have a glass every single night. It's a work in progress. But I have made progress.

Goal #4: Enjoy chocolate for dessert but take a break from the baked goods. 

How am I doing? Okay. Similar to the above goal, I may have enjoyed more chocolate than I necessarily needed/wanted simply because I was not as satisfied as I would have been with a baked good. I also stopped considering this a goal after a while. This was more about me breaking the sugar habit. I have done pretty well and find myself having less dessert throughout the week. That being said I did have some ice cream the past two weekends and it was heavenly. I also did not count baked goods in the morning, because Julie and I got a cookies and cream cinnamon roll with brunch one day and it was heavenly. You have to live your life too! And there's nothing wrong with baked goods every once and a while especially when they are that good.

Goal #5: Realize when I need a break and take it.

How am I doing? Pretty good I think. Although I have to admit that I often feel guilty when I take extremely lazy breaks. I have worked every other weekend for the past 6 weeks which took a toll on my body. I was SO tired this week. Having one day off is just not enough to feel rejuvenated. This past Wednesday I watched Netflix for like 8 hours because I could not move. I did pretty much the same thing on Saturday. Finally on Sunday I actually had some energy when I woke up to do laundry, clean, and do some work. Another way I've been taking breaks is giving myself mini spa days but working out and then using the gym sauna and showers. It's such a nice gym it honestly feels like a spa. I leave feeling ready to tackle the week ahead. It's a good feeling.

So what's next? I want to continue to bring my lunch and workout 4x/week. I feel much better in my body and more energized and confident. But there is still work to be done. The thing with goals being sustainable is that you need to choose small, attainable goals and only a few at one time. I've tackled two goals so far and now I want to build on them.

New goal #1: Eat vegetarian lunches 5/7 days of the week. I mostly do this already, but it's more affordable and plant based diets have been proven to be associated with longevity. Also, fiber does wonders for the digestive system (as long as you don't have IBS).

New goal #2: I want to say drink less alcohol when I'm alone, but that is not a measurable goal. So therefore, I will say save alcohol for weekends (Friday and Saturday) and Wednesday (Michelle and I commonly have wine on Wednesdays). I honestly think I have become accustomed to one glass/night, but occasionally will have 2 glasses like I did with the margaritas this past weekend. Sometimes the drinks are just so good you want another one.