Easter weekend. One of my favorite times to be at home. Home cooked meals. Warmer weather. The smell of fires burning. Being at home with family and my puppy. I love it.

Weekend Recap:

This year I was lucky enough to catch an early train home on Friday. My mom picked me up and we went for a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the warmer weather and listen to the peepers (which are frogs!) When we got home we cracked open some wine and caught up with my dad. I love the ritual of happy hour. My mom cooked steak for dinner and I replenished my iron stores, but definitely left feeling a bit too full.

Saturday mom and I went to an early spin class. I enjoy when the teacher let's you do your own thing and acts as a guide. It was a good class and I was a sweaty mess by the end. After showering mom took me to the most amazing produce market. The carrots and squash were HUGE. And everything was so well priced. We even got a Portuguese sweetbread for $10 and our total only came to $21!!

I spent the afternoon reading, napping, and sitting in the sun. My dad was picking up sticks, knocking down trees, and cleaning the yard. My neighbor was burning, so I sat outside for some vitamin D and my favorite smell. Then mom and I took another walk.

We had Easter dinner on Saturday. I cooked braised carrots and white sweet potatoes (so unique and delicious)! My mom cooked the ham and fingerling potatoes. She even cooked a lemon meringue pie and food for church. Kitchen queen right there. Dinner was fabulous. We shared some rose too because it's Spring.

Sunday we had sweetbread for breakfast and headed to church. The sermon really resonated with me and I enjoyed seeing people I've grown up with. I also love seeing my parents in their natural habitat with friends and thriving in a community. I want that for myself.

Before I caught the train back to Boston I made a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with some vegetables. Mom and I also had some of my GIANT peanut butter cup. It was delicious. I also worked on a project for my dad....stay tuned.

Easter Message:

The sermon this week was on accepting death/endings and resurrection. Meaning that things are supposed to change and we need to accept that. While this made me think about many areas of my life (starting a new job, making new friends, moving) it also made me think about weight. I think the message can apply to any area of your life!

Accept that your body is meant to change and stop trying to force it to be a specific size or number.

Your body right now is not the body it was in high school. And that's okay. It's not supposed to be. So why are you trying to make it something it's not? Why restrict and over exercise? That takes away the joy of living. Accept the change and embrace what your body is now and what it does for you. People love you. You've accomplished so many things you should be proud of. You've overcome adversity. A number on the scale or on your dungarees (who says that anymore?!) won't change any of that.

And then accept that life is moving forward, not backward, not stagnant. Be open to change and the new things to come. Be open. It's Spring. The possibilities are endless.