Two Proper Girls...

One from Scotland. One from Boston.

Who met in Vermont.

Reunited in Boston for less than 24 hours.

Olivia picked me up from work on Thursday like the best friend that she is. Otherwise she would have beaten me home and/or definitely gotten caught in more traffic. We lucked out and the traffic wasn't terrible. I also distracted us with copious amounts of conversation.

Once at home we snacked on baby carrots while catching up (let's be real, I hadn't stopped talking since getting in the car). I also showed Liv the itinerary for Scotland and she added some suggestions. Thinking she may spend the last day in Edinburgh with us!! Woo!!! Gotta celebrate vet school exams being done.

We started our trip to the south end at 5pm. We walked in the sun to Brookline to catch the train. Then we walked from the Copley train stop to the restaurant, which was about a mile. It's kind of far but the blue skies and the company made it go by so quickly. Gotta love every moment with your best friend even if you're walking on cobblestones in heels.

Southern Proper is AMAZING. Like out of this world good. We started with the BEST sounding cocktail. I honestly got it for the name, Long Live the Queen. Liv and I both love us some historical dramas. Reign. The Tudors. And so on. Scotland is a dream trip for the castles, the history, and the queens!

The restaurant is family style and so they encourage you to share. We got one of everything basically. I've been dreaming about the hush puppies since I read the menu.

And obviously the fried chicken, we went with the 4 piece because 8 is a whole chicken. Gasp!

The side of corn waffles was a perfect pairing with the crispy fried chicken. Texture and flavor complimented each other so well. I think the chicken and waffles plate would have been too much waffle for me. But this was perfect.

And lastly we got the corn on the cob but sadly the sauce/dressing was a bit too heavy for me.

And who needs vegetables when you go to a southern restaurant. It's no wonder southern states have higher rates of obesity. BUT I want to remind you that fried food every once and a while is not going to kill you. I enjoyed this meal very much!

The atmosphere was so warm and inviting. It may have been just that I was with Liv but I hardly noticed other people were there. We talked and talked and ate and ate.

Overall anyone in or around the Boston area NEEDS to go to Southern Proper. Next time I'm saving room for pecan pie!!