Marathon Weekend

It was not only Marathon Monday but it was also a marathon of a weekend. In a good way! Julie arrived Saturday around noon and we quickly hopped on the T to South Boston to go to the marathon Expo. My amazing sister had qualified with a time of 3:20, but couldn't run because of runner's knee and tendonitis. Don't worry, though, she's already qualified for next year! I'm in awe of her (and DESI!!!!!) And so she wanted to make the most of the weekend and I wanted to cheer her up the only way I know how...with food and beer and buying her things.

First stop, the Expo. We immediately zig-zagged our way to tent 995 where Jordan Hasay would be signing water bottles. Since the line wasn't moving Julie went to get her number and talk to some people while I stood in line. An hour later we were smiling with and talking to Jordan. We ended up being 2 of the last 3 people to meet her! The water bottle now sits on my bookcase in my room.

After that excitement we decided to find all the free things at the Expo. Julie got a bag with her number and shirt and we quickly filled that up with yogurt, granola bars, protein powder, our water bottles, etc. Julie made me carry the bag because I was the one who went overboard...

Julie was spotted EVERYWHERE and all because of her Instagram. She really is unbelievable. People look up to her and think of her as an idol (as do I). It's amazing. Another person who was noticed a lot was Meb! We were walking along and spotted him and had to take a picture!!

By then we were exhausted and decided to head back. I wanted to walk by a cafe since Julie didn't eat lunch but instead we ended up at Trillium where we bought quite a bit of beer and some epic beer glasses.

Then we ended up taking a Lyft ride back to my apartment. There Julie crashed while I figured out what to cook for dinner and went grocery shopping. I cooked vegan mac and cheese (in the Instant Pot) while Julie facetimed the fam. We also popped into some of the beers that we bought at Trillium. The night concluded with more beer, ice cream, and playing Bananagrams with my roommate and her fiance.

Sunday morning started with french toast because I am an amazing hostess.

Then we went to my gym where Julie and I stretched before doing a circuit workout. I am in terrible shape! That, I know. But this circuit kicked my butt in the best way possible. Unfortunately the sauna was broken so we showered, picked up more groceries and walked (or dragged) back to my apartment. I had to run out the door to view an apartment and Julie fell asleep on the couch.

I did my laundry while getting dinner ready for two of our high school friends who were coming over. Of course the night consisted of catching up over IPAs and a dinner of peanut noodles. I made chicken for the meat eaters and tofu for the vegetarians. It was super tasty and great to finally see those guys!

Monday morning we had a mini viewing party of the marathon at my apartment with epic bagels and some other snacks. We were all sad for Shalane but Desi amazed us all! I loved that she was such a team player to help Shalane catch up and then ended up winning it all!

My message after this weekend is: life should not be about controlling your food choices and exercise habits so closely that you can't enjoy your weekends or your days off. 

I felt a bit blah this weekend, which very well could have been the weather (duh! Did you look outside?!) Of course I thought it was all the beer, ice cream, snacks, etc. And so then I started thinking I need to cut out this food and cut out alcohol and exercise 6 days a week. But even if it was what I ate (and it was probably a bunch of things), who cares? Do I care if I spent the weekend having fun with my twin sister? Do I care if I had friends over for dinner and ended up eating quite a bit and feeling overly full? Do I care if I was so busy with friends that I didn't have time to go to the gym?


Live your life however you want to, don't let me or social media or anyone else tell you otherwise. But let me tell you that there is more to life than counting calories, meal planning, counting macros, exercising "x" amount of days a week, being a smaller size, getting "jacked" and so on and so forth. If you're changing or avoiding plans because of any diet (or "lifestyle") that you are following are you really living the life you want to live? It's up to you to decide, not me. But I am consciously spring cleaning my social media accounts to unfollow sites that promote disordered eating and strict/regimented exercise because it isn't good for my own thinking as I'm sure it's not for so many people. So I urge you all to do some spring cleaning as well!