Balancing Goals

Lately I've had a goal of eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising at least four days a week. Sometimes goals can seem very black and white, which sets people up for feelings of guilt and or isolation. How so? Let's say it's the end of the week and you've only exercised three days. Then, on the last day you plan to take a spin class but your friend invites you to go explore someplace new. If you ditch the friend you may feel lonely and have an epic case of FOMO. But if you ditch the workout you may feel guilt and some other negative feelings towards yourself. Black and white thinking is the downfall of all health related goals. I urge you to live in the grey!! Read on for inspiration...

This past Saturday Mom came into the city for some exploring. I slept for twelve hours Friday night and holy moly did this girl need it. I felt so refreshed! Instead of rushing to get to a gym class I decided to enjoy a slow morning of coffee and Instagram scrolling. It was the best decision. Instead of feeling guilty for not getting to that exercise class I figured I could add some extra walking into my day-date with my mom. Win-win. I put on my new jeans which I feel amazing in (and have no idea what the size is) and my new super comfy Keds.

Our first stop was Tatte. Mom wanted to walk from Allston to Cambridge and I just stared at her before calling a Lyft...I wanted lunch before the sun went down (exaggeration, but you get the point). We arrived and got a spot outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We shared shakshuka and the green and nutty salad. While both dishes had copious amounts of cheese we still got a good serving of vegetables (and fruit...tomatoes!). Sure it may not have been raw or clean but vegetables are vegetables and fruits are fruit, people! I hate those words because they imply black and white thinking. Okay, hate is a strong word, so maybe dislike. As long as I'm eating my fruit and vegetables that's what matters, who cares if it's raw or clean. What do those words mean exactly, anyways?

I enjoyed a matcha latte while we walked by my new apartment on the way to Taza chocolate factory.

It was super filling because it was made with whole milk but still earthy and delicious.

You guys...the Taza chocolate factory is so close to my apartment!!!!! Mom and I couldn't do a tour, but that's okay because we just wanted to taste, taste, and taste some more. And that we did. They let us try any kind we wanted! It was amazing! The coffee and espresso buzz are my favorites, I think! But perhaps I should try them all again to be sure...I bought five bars and got one for free. (Insert celebratory dance here).

After Taza we walked through Inman Square and found the cutest craft store, which has classes! I cannot wait to take some and meet new people. It's one of the cutest stores I've ever seen!

We also walked through Central Square, which is much busier than Inman and not as much my cup of tea. I led Mom all the way to Harvard Square simply because I did not want to stop walking before catching the bus back to Allston. Mom is great at public transportation, the twin needs to take some pointers.

Once we went our separate ways I decided to walk into Brookline to go to my favorite bookstore. I wanted a new cookbook for inspiration. I ended up with two 🙄 I definitely spend a bit too much happens. But the walk and the atmosphere was just what I needed before putting on my comfy clothes and making some vegan Mac and cheese. I had a mini fail because I used almonds instead of cashews but the flavor still tastes great and it's chalk full of vegetables!

All in all, look at the positives of all the things you do and choices you make. If you eat a caramel apple it's still an apple right? (Okay maybe that was more of a stretch). But live in the grey and enjoy your decisions! This weekend I ate some delicious food that was made with fruit and vegetables (and covered in cheese). I walked 15,000 steps even though I didn't go to the gym or wear workout clothes. It all counts!