Finding YOUR passion

As you read in the last post my mom visited this past weekend. We got to talking over lunch and while walking and everything in between (I never stop). Anyways, I think a lot of my blah feelings have been related to finding new friends and meeting new people. Or the difficulties that come with that process. It's hard. First there was winter which lasted like three years. Then there's living in a new place which intimidates the hell out of me. To top it off it's hard to get on the inside because so many people already have their groups whether from college or just before you. It doesn't help that I love me some quiet time with my blanket, a glass of wine, and catching up on my TV shows. I literally NEVER make plans on a Friday night besides doing just that.

Anyways, so Mom sent me an article that's really gotten me thinking (is that correct grammar?! Mom...let me know) It mentioned that before you make friends you need to identify your passions and hobbies otherwise you'll make the wrong sort of friends and clearly that won't make you any happier. So then I though, what are my passions and hobbies...hmmm. Good question...can eating and drinking be a hobby?

I'm a twin. You all know that (I hope) by now. Why im bringing this up is she knows what her passions, hobbies and goals are. She bought a puppy. She built her own business. She chases PR after PR in the marathon. I look at her and wonder what I'm doing or what I'm passionate about because it's not as obvious.


I enjoy cooking. Meals are so much more satisfying when they're made from scratch. I love using meals as a time to try something new or explore a new cuisine or culture. I love buying new appliances and new cookbooks (don't tell Dad who already thinks I'm terrible with my money). I enjoy taking cooking classes, but those can be expensive unfortunately. I truly love cooking meals and hosting people to share those meals but that doesn't happen all that frequently. I also have quite a few days during the week where I'm just eating leftovers or making a quick meal of fried rice or eggs and toast. I feel like I should be doing it more often to count. Does that make sense? It feels like a partial hobby...

I enjoy working out. I don't want to say I enjoy running because that's Julie's thing. And honestly I only enjoy it when I'm with others, it's gorgeous out, I'm doing it to explore a new area, etc. You get the picture. I don't enjoy it every day. But I do enjoy being active and feeling strong via a mixture of cardio and strength training. Circuits are my jam. Quick and dirty. But those are usually done alone...hence the dilemma.

So what else do I enjoy?

Reading...but I don't do it enough to join a book club.

Blogging...but does that count? And are there meet ups for that? I think this helps you meet people when your Instagram is more Julie's (cue comparison here).

Exploring new restaurants...but everyone likes eating? And how do you meet people that way?

Wine...duh, who doesn't?

Crafts? Do I really? I think I'd have to try out a few.

This is clearly eye opening to me that before making lasting friendships or delving more into dating (which is even more impossible) I need to try out some hobbies to find things that I truly enjoy and want to fill my time with. Maybe that means I go to more cooking classes. I think I'll also try some crafting classes once I move to Cambridge. I'm going to leave the running clubs to the twin because it's not me. That would be me trying to be like my twin and feel like I have my shit together. But it's okay to admit that I don't. I have one incomplete hobby of cooking which I want to delve into more. But I also have some space for other hobbies in my life. For now, I'll be sure to share what I've been cooking with all of you to help keep me going on this journey. Maybe that will give me the push that I need.