The {not so} Calm Before the Trip

Guys. I haven't traveled in over two years...and I haven't flown across the Atlantic in over five years...and tomorrow that all changes.

The twin and I are going to Scotland. We've have this trip planned forever and I'm super excited but my stomach has also been in knots all day. To top it off I'm also a bit nauseous (from being nervous). And then when that happens I have a hard time judging my hunger and end up overeating and feeling too full/uncomfortable. It's just how it is.

Today I ate too much for lunch. I was in a rush (for no apparent reason) and ate too quickly. Then three hours later I felt a little nauseous so I ate a muffin...and then was a bit too full again. Now I'm on the train home and feeling nauseous again and just want some toast for dinner...maybe I'll have that, who knows. I'll probably skip my workout which makes me feel doubly as bad...or maybe walk somewhere to get takeout...exercise and a meal to calm my stomach?!

This is a bit of a random post with the purpose of showing you that I, as a dietitian, am not perfect. When my stomach is upset or bloated I have a hard time judging my hunger and tend to eat by the clock or just to settle the nerves. This doesn't happen every day and so it's OKAY!

Tomorrow I'm flying across the ocean and that scares me a bit (okay, a lot). So if I have a little extra food today in hopes of my stomach calming down a bit then so be it. I'm not perfect, nor should I be expected to be.

And just for that reason I'm going to stay off social media tonight. I don't want to feel bad for eating a little extra or only working out once this week by comparing myself to others. Who needs that?! We're all different! And that's what makes the world great.

So I'm going to go home, put on some shorts and a tank top (hello summer?!) and relax because my vacation started about one hour ago after a very long day.