Scotland: Day 2

So since Julie let me sleep 14 hours we got a later start to the day. But we're trying to be laid back and rest some too. We checked out and then tried to find food. After all it was 10! My body is so off with the time difference, we've mostly been eating two bigger meals. And I'm certainly getting my share of chips! We sat down at one restaurant but left because the service was lousy. Instead we found a cute cafe where I enjoyed a scone and piece of quiche and Julie tried (and failed) to eat two scones. We then drove 2 1\2ish hours to Stonehaven where Dunnotar Castle is. My goal was to be a better driver today. We charged our phones in the car since Julie is a genious and brought her car charger and since u fortunately Scotland has different outlets than the rest of Europe and our adapters don't work.

Dunnotar Castle is unbelievable. It is so green and mossy and the ruins are still is great shape.

You can identify the stables and the bakery, I even saw the old oven.

There's one room called the Whig's...something...where 122 men and some odd women (maybe 40?) Were held imprisoned for their religion. It was such a small space and terrible to imagine but gorgeous at the same time.

Julie and I took our time enjoying the views.

I grabbed a caffe latte (I forgot they don't drink "normal"coffee in Europe) for the drive. Julie has some anxiety about driving and I'm actually starting to enjoy it and get better at it. Although I jinxed myself and hit a GIANT pothole.

We weren't going to make it to Ballater until 4:30 and the Balmoral Castle closes at 5:00 so we adjusted plans to go to a distillery and save the castle for the next day. The distillery was gorgeous and taught us alot. We tried their 12 year old and a limited edition batch. Of course I liked the stronger of the two better but more so with some water added. There is nothing wrong with adding water! And it turns out scotch is an American word for whiskey made in Scotland but the Scottish call it whiskey.

We made our way to our hotel next and relaxed in bed drinking some complimentary wine. They also gave us a giant bowl of fruit which I will be taking with me. We love looking at our pictures and reliving our daily adventures. We had dinner at the Inn before watching Reign and calling it a night.

I am always more excited than the twin and I'm taking this moment to say I am LOVING this trip. Scotland is a dream and may be my favorite place and I love love LOVE traveling with Julie. It's so laid back and relaxing. I'm letting Julie sleep in now since she hasn't been sleeping the best.