Scotland: Day 5

Despite the very cute and accommodating hotel (which was requisitioned as a navy hospital during the World War(s)) I did not sleep well. It was warm and so quiet. Julie and I also do best when we have a big bed or separate beds. She's also been binge watching Reign and stays up late watching. I was up around 8 and hopped in the shower to get going. I was ready for our next adventure and to get the driving over with, I'm slightly tired of it.

We started with breakfast at the hotel where I got some hot porridge. Apparently I like my oats made English style (aka with milk). First real breakfast of the trip since our first day! But Jules and I missed our scones.

First stop, Inveraray Castle. This castle is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll. He is the chief of the largest clan/family in the world! It's fascinating that the family lives in a castle that also offers tours to the public. It's a gorgeous castle, which was featured for a Christmas episode of Downton Abbey.

The dining room is used twice per year and was seen on Downton.

The armor room features a Christmas tree for a party each year.

There's one bedroom featured, which I told Julie was creepy right when we walked in. Turns out it's haunted by a harpist who was killed in the bed in 1644.

There's also a room dedicated to the marriage of the Marquess of Lorne and Princess Louise (daughter of Queen Victoria). It was a controversial marriage because it was the first marriage out of the family but Queen Victoria wanted to broaden the bloodline. How cool is that?!

The kitchen was expansive and I loved the spice chest.

And the bountiful pots and pans!

We then toured the gardens in the rain.

Our final car trip of the day was to Luss where our "splurge" hotel is. We are staying at the Lodge at Loch Lomond. The room is spectacular! We were impressed even with the fog and rain.

Originally we wanted to bike or hike this afternoon, but halfway through our trip and after a few days with a lot of driving we were pooped. And hungry. We walked through Luss a bit before heading back to the hotel.

The last picture above is our hotel.

We ultimately decided to have an early dinner to avoid getting hangry. We were the only ones eating at 4:30! Too funny. We each got an appetizer and an entree for 14 pounds! And we each tried a new whiskey on the rocks. I actually didn't mind mine! It was nutty and sweet. The part I mind is when it's matured in a sherry cask...I will never like sherry.

After dinner we decided to keep our streak going and try another gin. Strathearn is still my favorite.

Now we are relaxing and trying to regain some energy to spend tomorrow outside. I definitely need a energy boost, but this has been an unbelievable trip so far!

I'll leave you without view from dinner!

And the view from our room now that the sun came out.