Scotland: Day 6

Julie woke up around 8:15 with plans to get an early start to beat the rain. Unfortunately our two days in the woods have had the worst weather of the trip. But, to look on the bright side we have a nice hotel to enjoy and some down time to relax and feel rejuvenated before going back home. We drove about 7 miles to Balloch, a nearby town, to rent bikes after not having much luck yesterday. We found the place after a few wrong turns and driving the wrong way into a street...luckily the place wasn't open. Then the bike shop wasn't open yet so we had a half hour to kill. Lucky for me since Julie didn't want breakfast earlier and I was hungry. So we got some scones (duh).

Then we got our bikes. There were two options, to ride through Balloch towards a castle and then up through the country side or to Luss. We chose the castle since the road to Luss was a path next to the busy road.

The first part of the trip involved trying to find the castle, but once we did it was a gorgeous park with a lot of people out and about getting some exercise before the rain. The castle was pretty, but not as jaw dropping as previous ones. We just kept riding until Julie picked a path which ended up being super muddy and difficult. We had to walk our bikes most of the way since we are not mountain bikers.

The next part of the trip was through Windy Hill Woods (at least I think that's what it was called). It was very pretty, but the whole way was uphill so most of the way we walked our bikes. Hello arm workout!

It was fun near the top because it was flatter and very green, but then Julie opted to turn around. Her hip was bothering her and we didn't want to be late to return our bikes.

Going back is (almost) always easier, though. We coasted down a bit and walked through the muddy part. It certainly wasn't the ride we were expecting but we did get to enjoy the scenic outdoors and got back to the park right when it started raining.

When we got back to the hotel we walked into Luss to go back to the General Store to buy some things. I got some Scottish chocolate (duh) and a whiskey glass with stags on it. I love collecting glassware for my future bar! I also found a tasting book of Scottish gin that I almost bought. Time to find some gifts for the people back home!

We also stopped at a cafe and decided to grab something to eat. There were scones, pastries, ciabatta pizza, quiche, and some sandwich thing. Julie got the sandwich thing which was gigantic and had ham chunks with currant jam.

I stuck with the scone with clotted cream and jam. I can't get over the clotted cream. The combination of the scone with the cream and the jam is to die for. The scone was also huge, but I ate every last bite. This girl doesn't waste a scone. I may have some nutrient deficiencies when I go home though... Eaten with an amazing latte on the side. So naturally now I want a latte machine.

We got back to the hotel and read for a bit. I'm reading a book about Elizabeth Tudor and I am loving it! Although it didn't last long because I fell asleep. I haven't been sleeping well lately because my mind just keeps wandering. Even as I type this I think I slept six hour last night which is so unnatural for me. I've been having weird dreams too...blame it on the gin?!

We woke up and Julie did her PT stretches and I did a quick mini hotel room workout. I basically pick four exercises and repeat the cycle of 10-20 reps four times through. And then we walked to dinner.

We went to The Village Rest in Luss. It was so cute and one of our waitresses was adorable...the other seemed mad. Julie got a local IPA which was tasty and I chose 250 mL of wine...I thought that was a normal size glass but now I realize it's ⅓ of a bottle. No wonder they looked at me funny.

For dinner I got the oak smoked salmon Caesar salad. It felt SO good to eat more than a few vegetables even if the dressing was a bit too heavy for my liking. I also got a slice of toffeelicious sponge cake with Tablet ice cream for dessert. My wallet and waistline will be happy when this trip is over, although I'll be sad.

I loved hanging out and talking with Julie. She's my favorite person to talk to and my favorite person to travel with.

When we got back we got a double gin and tonic drank in bed while watching a movie. Classic night for us. And here's the view from this morning.