Scotland: Day 8

Day 8 started waking up with my sister and my best friend, how the best days start. We got ready for the day and walked into the chilly Glasgow weather. First stop, breakfast at The Highland Fox. I mean check out the decor!!! Loved the vibes.

I went with a latte and we all got the avocado toast to which I added smoked salmon. It was tasty. Olivia is such a fine British eater these days.

After breakfast we drove to Stirling Castle, the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots. She lived here before moving to France when her life was in danger. She also held the three-day celebration of her only son's birth here. This was a Stewart home through and through, built by James IV and V.

The King and Queen's rooms were amazing and so intricate. This is where a select few could meet with the King and Queen otherwise they'd have to go to the Royal Hall like everyone else.

I loved seeing the kitchen where men worked, it was not a place for women! It was also filled in for more sturdy lands for troops and canons with the Jacobite rising.

The gardens are gorgeous and the outer walls contains a hole the guards made for young Mary to look out. I adore her.

The castle is built at the highest point allowing the inhabitants to see over the countryside and know when people were coming.

After touring the castle we stopped for scones. I got a scone and a Dundee Loaf which is actually fruit cake. This was a time when I shouldn't have gotten (and eaten) a scone just to eat another scone. It wasn't great and the fruit cake was much better. I suppose I've gotten a bit lax with my eating choices and am excited to get back to eating more nutrient dense foods when I get home.

Anyways, then we drove to Edinburgh with a plan to explore a bit and just enjoy our time with Olivia. It's always so easy to reunite and make up for lost time.

We tried going to the Edinburgh Gin Distillery but it was closing so we headed to the Jolly Botanist instead. Catching up over gin is our favorite. And this place soon was hopping so perhaps we made the right choice!

I tried two new Scottish guns which weren't my favorite. I've been trying as many Scottish gins as possible. Then I bought us some dinner, I had to try fish and chips again because it was disappointing last time. This time BLEW MY MIND. Flaky fried fish with delicious tartar sauce and super thick chips. I ate every last chip and consequently turned into a potato. I think it was about 4-5 potatoes! But I don't experience chips like that all the time. I hope to start making more experienced food choices (aka I want to eat this because it makes me feel good or it's delicious and I've never had anything like it versus I don't want to eat this because it's not worth it or it doesn't make my feel good).

We chatted and chatted and planned and gave advice (I always need advice). Soon it was time to give super long and tight hugs and say goodbye. I miss her already...but I can always visit her in the states this summer.

Julie and I are ending the night with more gin...oops...and watching Victoria on Netflix. I went with a rhubarb ginger English gin which is oh so so so tasty.