Eating my way through Scotland

Day One

  • Lunch: wrap

  • Dinner: bacon burger and Parmesan fries from a food truck. Beer on the side.

Day Two:

  • Scone and spinach and sundried tomato frittata.

  • Whiskey tasting.

  • Steak and pheasant pie with chips and vegetables. Wine and gin and tonic.

Day Three:

  • Scone.

  • ½ scone and whiskey.

  • Fish and chips. Beer and gin and tonic.

Day Four:

  • Scone.
  • Banana and fudge (Scottish Tablet).
  • Sausages with mashed potato and vegetables. Gin and tonic.

  • Dessert of sticky pudding.

Day Five:

  • Porridge sprinkled with some muesli and banana.

  • Scone with clotted cream and currant jam.

  • Whiskey.

  • Lentil soup followed by chorizo Mac and cheese with all the bread. Gin and tonic.

Day Six:

  • Scone.

  • Another scone, huge with clotted cream and a latte.

  • Smoked salmon salad and wine.

  • Toffeelicious cake and tablet ice cream.

  • Gin and tonic.

Day Seven:

  • Breakfast buffet of toast, sausage and eggs with mushrooms.

  • French scone.
  • Gin and tonic.

  • Pizza!

Day Eight:

  • Avocado toast with smoked salmon.

  • Scone (not the best) and Dundee Loaf (great).

  • Fish and chips.

  • Gin and more gin.

Day Nine:

  • Scone and quiche from the same cafe in Edinburgh.