Traveling with the Twin

I love traveling with Julie. The last two trips I’ve been on were with my sister and some friends. First to Turks and Caicos with Olivia.

Then to Martinique with Lauren and Jena.

This was my first trip in two years since I couldn’t exactly travel during my internship and the first (hopefully of many) twin trips. We love traveling with our parents and friends, but there’s just something about traveling with your twin sister.

We get over our fights very quickly. I think I got upset once on this trip and it was honestly out of exhaustion. We walked around a museum separately for maybe 15-30 minutes and all was better. Who knows how often Julie was upset with me though...let’s hope not too often.

We know everything will even out. Of course we will pay each other back once we look at the balance at the end of the trip, but I also would buy dinner for Julie to offset the lattes I enjoyed (Julie doesn’t drink coffee). We each had our roles and excelled at them. Since Julie had the only phone that would work without WiFi I became the chauffeur. Julie found directions, great hotels and restaurants while I drove on terrifyingly narrow roads on the left hand side. She was a good back seat driver to remind me to look right first instead of left and keeping an eye on the left side of the road. Ultimately I “failed” by nicking the rubber on our tire causing us to get charged a fee...stupid me trying to hug the left side of the road to avoid oncoming traffic...

We have similar interests. When it came to planning this trip it was very simple. We knew castles were the main priority. We also were on the same page when it came to our hotel choices. Julie and I are not one to bypass a little luxury to save a few dollars. We are 27 (almost) and we like to sleep in luxury, hostels came and went with study abroad.

We understand each other without having to ask. Julie knows that I get quiet and nervous before and during a flight. She also knows that I tend to be overly excited about things. I kept pointing things out in excitement while driving and Julie was just like “oh”. She gets that from my mom. For Julie, I know that by the end of the trip she gets anxious about getting home to Lyla and likes to plan how to get back into her routine. I choose not to interrupt her or question her during these moments, she likes to be alone and not talk.

Traveling gives us time to reconnect and catch up. Texting and phone calls will never take the place of face to face interaction. Sometimes we would just enjoy each other’s company whereas other times we would truly open up about things we want advice on or simply want to talk about. There was one dinner in Luss where I remember Julie and I talking about work and life goals.

We call each other out. She politely told me that I still grind my teeth whereas she was snoring on our last night. She also would call me out on body comparisons (it’s so hard for me not to do when I’m so used to being compared to her).

She’s the best and I love traveling with her. Even if I have to deal with my flight anxiety to do it.