New Exercise Plan

In the last post I mentioned my desire to do more for my health. But at the same time I don’t want to be overly strict or regimented because where is the fun in that?! I did a lot of thinking in Scotland...too much. I decided what I needed was to have workouts that are simple, can be done at home, and are flexible for my schedule. I also was inspired by my friend’s motivation when it came to her workouts which she largely attributed to having an online community to cheer her on. That’s what I needed, I thought. 

And so I joined BeachBody for the summer. I’m not the biggest fan of the name since I don’t think the focus of exercise should be about changing your body. However there is SUCH a vast array of different workouts to choose from and it’s all very well designed. Each program tells you how long it lasts overall (weeks), how long the workouts are, and what you need for equipment. That way you can make a calculated decision before joining a program. There are also calendar print outs to help keep you accountable and on track. 

When you join you get a coach. Of course I requested to have my friend as my coach. They are there for questions (which I have a lot of) and motivation and what not. Maia invited me to join her summer shape up group on Facebook which is basically just a bunch of people doing their own desired programs and workouts but checking in and cheering each other on. It’s great. 


Honestly I’m not here to convince you to join or sell BeachBody. I get nothing from them. I’m simply writing down why I joined and the things that keep me coming back. It’s the community, the variety of workouts, and the flexibility to workout at home. 

There is a nutrition component but I personally don’t want to feel boxed in to a certain diet plan. I like the freedom of going out to eat or getting drinks with friends spontaneously. And some nights I really want pizza or cookies and I’m not about to deprive myself of that. Therefore my nutrition plan is my own advice that I give others. Increase your nutrient dense foods and be aware of why you’re eating calorically dense foods and how they make you feel. The other night I ate some chocolate when I was stressed. I sat with the feeling for a bit but still wanted the chocolate so I ate it and then didn’t feel great. So next time maybe I won’t have it or I’ll have a bit less. What’s life without chocolate anyways?! Tonight I had a beer and it tasted GREAT. Best choice of the day. I did get the containers when I ordered the workout bands but mostly I love the Tupperware! I can pack things separately!


So that’s my “for right now” plan. If things change then things change. I just want to feel strong, feel motivated, and feel more energized. So far so week down.