Going with the flow

This weekend I wanted to do so many things. My goal was to do them even if I was alone, I'm trying to be better at being alone. But it's a work in progress. Friday after work I wanted to go to Assembly Row to look for a dress for a wedding I'm going to in August. I planned to shop and then get dinner and then see a movie. All by myself. But then I was exhausted and starving at 4:30 and shopping was too overwhelming. So I ended up skipping right to dinner (pizza!!) and getting an Uber home to drink beer and watch Netflix in bed. Sounds amazing right?! It was.

Saturday morning I woke up tired. I didn't sleep too well and the beers the night before left me with a hangover. So I made some breakfast and binge watched 13 Reasons Why. I got up at one point to go get some cold brew coffee and then somehow managed to do my workout. I bribed myself with leftover pizza!

Then my friend came over to explore Inman Square and catch up. We walked around a bit and got caught in a downpour so we went to the same coffee shop I was at earlier. I got a decaf iced americano. Yum!! Some days you just need two coffees...from the same place haha.

Our next plan was to go to Assembly to see a movie and maybe get dinner before. Sierra had the same plans as I did the night before. We got there and the movie was basically sold out. Wahh. So we decided to just do dinner instead. I really wanted vegetables but it's so hard to find a veggie loaded dinner these days. We were tired and indecisive so we went to the sandwich shop near my apartment. It was a bit heavier than I wanted but so so so so good. And the company was superb. I went with the tofu bahn mi. And iced tea.

I ended the day in my bed binge watching more 13 Reasons Why. And that's just how I spent the rest of the weekend. Sunday night I had a beer to ward off the Sunday scaries and then my roommates were sharing some wine and chatting. I so enjoy when we're all together (and you know I love red wine) so I enjoyed a few pours (they were small). I went to bed knowing I had too much to drink on a Sunday night but it happens. Especially when a show gives you all the feels and then your roommates are hanging out. Don't criticize yourself for enjoying time with others or even time by yourself. You're allowed to watch Netflix all day without social interaction or drink a few beers or eat pizza. This is life, not a perfect world.