Two Bucket List Stops

Let’s talk about how intuitive eating can sometimes mean eating past the feeling of fullness simply because food tastes good and you’re enjoying the experience. This is totally an a-okay thing! It actually happened to me this past Monday. That day my roommates convinced me to get dinner. It was a restaurant they’ve been talking about so frequently that I couldn’t say no. Now those of you that know me know I don’t often go out on weeknights since I get up so early. BUT I’m trying to live a little more, I’m only 27 after all (well almost).

I got home from work, did my workout (or rather struggled through it), and got ready for dinner. I met my roommates there and it was such a nice commute.

The restaurant was gorgeous too, very clean and slightly modern. Perks to going out to eat on a Monday definitely includes less crowds and no need for a reservation. Unfortunately there was a rowdy group of bros sitting next to us who were very loud. But we enjoyed our time nonetheless.

My roommates were so great about explaining the menu to me. I had done some research beforehand (as is my usual plan of attack) but was still overwhelmed. I have never had hot pot or ramen before! Gasp!

I went with ramen, as my roommate put it “do you want to work for your food or have it cooked for you?” On a Monday night I definitely don’t want to work for my food. And so I went with the miso ramen with additions of stir fried buttered corn (best thing EVER) and spicy fried tofu. I really wanted some tofu but it was super spicy and I probably won’t get it next time. And yes, there will be a next time. However I have heard I should try another ramen place in Harvard Square. Definitely on my list.

The soup dumplings were also a new experience. The first one I tried was very hot, but once they cooled down it was rather enjoyable! A very interesting appetizer, which came out after our meals because ramen cooks so fast. They come in such a cute little basket.

We chatted about other restaurants we want to visit together this summer and I realized I honestly haven’t been to that many places...sure I’ve visited a few multiple times (Barcelona) and a few others but I need to branch out more! Even if it means getting pizza, salad or sandwiches, not necessarily large meals each time. I could use saving some money too! Although Monday night was delicious and not that expensive! I can definitely fit more adventures into my budget (which I never actually succeed at following anyways).

After dinner we had to go to Toscanini, which is right across the street. Damn you Toscanini for having some intriguing flavors haha. I was just so full from eating all of my ramen. I felt I was getting full a little over halfway through but it was just SO good and such a unique flavorful and textural experience that I didn’t want to stop eating. I wasn’t even talking much because I was too busy eating. But also how can I pass up unique flavors of ice cream!? There were so many fun kinds. I tasted B3 (brown butter, brown sugar, and brownies) and cardamom ice cream with almonds and pistachios. Both were great but B3 is their most popular so I went with that. I will definitely be back. It was unbelievable.

I went to bed super full. In both stomach and heart (cheesy right?) Both eating experiences were well worth feeling full. Would I stop eating my ramen a bit earlier next time and take it home? Probably. Do I regret finishing it all this time? Nope. Do I regret going out to dinner on a Monday? Also-freaking-lutely not.