It’s not realistic to expect perfect and yet somehow it is the standard we all compare ourselves to. But it’s not realistic. So let’s all agree to let that go. So you’re not perfect at work.

So what?! Did you get your work done to the best of your ability? Did you get as much done as you could during the work day? Did you provide the best care to your patients as you could given the external limitations (time, other commitments, available information, etc)? We do the best we can given constraints and certain circumstances. The fact that we care enough to strive for perfection is what matters, not whether we are perfect or not.

So you’re not perfect with your workouts.

So what?! Did you squeeze in activity within the boundaries of life and work? Did you work as hard as you could given how you feel either physically or mentally? Just try. Being subpar does not make you a failure. Never trying or not accepting that life happens and working out isn’t always the priority makes us all failures.

So you’re not perfect with eating.

So freaking what?! Did you get dinner on the table? Does it have a vegetable? Is it pizza? Did you get ice cream after work? Did you grab that banana instead of a muffin for a snack? It’s all fuel! It’s all good. It’s not the enemy, perfection is.

What would happen if we all let go of perfectionism? Would we have less drive? Would we have less anxiety? Would the world be a better place? There’s no way to no unless we try. And I for one think things could be better.