Cheers to the Weekend

Friday night was a fantastic night. Two best friends reunited and absolutely nothing has changed. Her hair was longer, her job had slightly changed, but our relationship was the same. I met Christine at her apartment in the South End Friday night. We talked while she got ready. It felt so good to just talk and know that she got it. She gets everything because we've been at our lowest lows together.

We put our name in at the Salty Pig, a place I've been wanting to go, and also the closest restaurant to Christine's. We were starving. There was a wait so we popped into the mall for a bit and this girl let loose in Sephora and MAC. I indulged a few months back in nicer makeup and while it's more expensive, I love it. We did a little lipstick trialing at MAC, where we bought our first lipsticks together. I still remember that night in Burlington. It was so fun and I ended up with two new lipsticks. Lipstick does wonders to an outfit, confidence, etc.

We ran to our reservation and made it just in time to get our outdoor table. We wanted Fiddlehead but they changed it to the Second Fiddle. So then I wanted Sip of Sunshine but that was also out. I just wanted some Vermont beer! I ended up with an IPA that was light and delicious, but not from Vermont.

Whenever Christine and I go out to dinner it usually involves cheese and bread. We started with a plate of chorizo and two different cheeses. It also came with Dijon mustard and some really good pickles. The bread was wonderfully toasted!

For the main meal we ordered a sausage and pepper pizza which was quite tasty! It also had ricotta. The crust was thin and doughy, but a bit difficult to pick up. Still tasty but not my favorite pizza. I'm still an Otto fan (as is Christine).

We ate every last bite! Of both dishes. Yes, we are both dietitians but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy all food. We enjoy nights out with friends where the food and drink is definitely enjoyed but it's by far the main focus. Christine works in eating disorders and constantly is helping people learn to love food and I am in healthcare trying to help people banish weight stigma. People can be healthy at ANY size or malnourished at ANY size. The struggles of being a dietitian.

We ended the night with some sparkling rose since we were celebrating. Christine is kicking butt in her jobs and I'm so proud of her. She juggles so much and runs on so few hours of sleep. I don't know how she does it...cheers to you, Christine.

At one point Christine said she noticed I seemed happier and more at ease. She met me right before our internship started and I definitely was a hot mess through the internship. We got each other through the tough times but hearing her say this meant the world to me. It's been a long road but I do feel like I am lighter. And this girl definitely helped me get there.