A Weekend for the Books

This weekend I went home and brought my best friend with me. I’ve been looking forward to it forever since I haven’t been home since April... My parents live in Maine during the summer and while I love visiting, there’s just something about going home.


Christine picked me up from the train and drove the rest of the way home. The pup greeted me at the door and the parents were in their usual chairs. We chatted and drank wine (duh) before heading to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up to the smell of waffles and jumped on Christine to wake her up just like a little kid on Christmas. We drank coffee, ate waffles and tried to decide what to do for the day. Obviously Christine and I needed some time to wake up before doing a quick workout and getting ready.

First up, VEGETABLES! My mom goes to this produce market with insane prices because the produce are local surplus from farms. It’s honestly my favorite place. We were only shopping for dinner but it’s dangerous to bring two dietitians to a local produce market...


Then we went shopping with a quick stop at Panera for lunch. We hit up Bed Bath and DSW. We went to DSW for sneakers for mom and left without sneakers for mom. I got two pairs of cute shoes, Christine got three, and mom got one. It is so fun having shopping buddies.


On the way home we swung through downtown Plymouth so Christine could get a dose of history.


We also introduced Christine to her first cranberry bogs! They’ve only just started filling them so it’s not that gorgeous color yet but soon enough!


Original plans were to go bowling but it was fast approaching happy hour and we had pies to make! Pumpkin for mom since she is gone for her birthday. Then we cracked open the apothic red wine and prepped dinner. I always need to prep early because once the wine starts flowing...it’s dangerous. Such a delicious Fall-inspired meal. After dinner we watched a few episodes of the Haunting...creepy choice for this girl.


Sunday was a later morning for us which started with coffee and bagels with PUMPKIN cream cheese. Christine and I also found an epic documentary called Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. It’s life changing. Gives a great perspective around food being so much more. Right up these two dietitians’ alleys. 

Before heading back into the city we went for a wooded walk. I love these walks or hikes. As much as I love happy hour because we just talk about anything and everything, these walks are times to get fresh air and be active and talk about anything and everything. I got some great dad advice on the walk.


At the end of last week I was so focused on weight and appearances. Hence my last post, to focus on the positives. But then I was with family and my mind shifted.

I miss my family every day. I was not a great teenager and am so grateful for the years I’ve had since then to try and make things up to my parents. I’m extremely lucky to consider my parents my friends and feel comfortable going to them for anything. I also admire their relationship with each other and with life. Real life is scary and hard but having these two make it easier. And my puppy (who’s not really a puppy anymore) helps. I also love the Christine felt comfortable being at home with me. Whether it was making pie with my mom or walking and chatting with my dad. It means so much. I’m grateful grad school brought us together. It’s not every day you get a friend like Christine.